3 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you’ve been using an Android phone, you’ve definitely been struggling with what to do with some old Android phones. Well, there’s no need to worry about that, because here we’ve listed the best things you can do with your old Android phone.

Old Android Phone Uses

Old Android phones have a bad reputation, but they have their uses and can be used to do some really cool things! Here’s how you can use your old Android phone for things other than texting or playing games.

3 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

I’m sure most of you have some old phones at home, some of which are often Android phones.

You can certainly use most old phones for a variety of purposes. We can use some robots as security cameras or temperature sensors. Old phones do have a lot of uses.

But how to use these phones and what you can do with them, we’ll show in this article.


Once you have an older phone with Android or iOs, you can use your phone as a security camera. There are a number of apps that allow you to link your old phone to your new phone to monitor and set up what your camera should do.

For Android, there are apps that link your phone and you can use your phone as a security camera, speaker, or even just a motion sensor.

If you want to use multiple older phones, you’ll usually pay extra for the pro versions of most apps because you can buy features that aren’t available on free phones. So you can use multiple phones as multiple cameras and have them all set up on your main phone.

kitchen command center

Old Android Phone Uses

You can also turn an old phone or tablet into a great kitchen appliance. You’ll need to download some apps that allow you to set up multiple gestures so you can use your phone with one finger using different gestures.

It’s also a good idea to set up some voice recognition and voice control on your phone so you can find anything while you’re cooking, or look it up if you don’t know something. You can also install different streaming platforms to stream useful videos or recipes.


You can also convert your old phone into a diary or calendar where you can write down important appointments and you’ll always know you’re using this phone just for that, so you get better writing tools and better apps to write down dates, appointments and other important moments.


You can actually turn an old phone into just about anything. It mostly depends on what hobbies you have and how they make your life easier. For example, some people use old cell phones as portable e-books or just for newspapers.

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