If you have a smartphone, chances are you are using GB WhatsApp Messenger. It’s a great way to send and receive messages between friends, family, and even businesses. For example, if you have automatic bill payments, your recipient may send you a reminder message and then tell you when the payment was debited from your account.

If your business isn’t using in-app messaging, it’s time to join. Why? Because more and more consumers want to communicate with you this way, especially on their mobile devices. They love the fact that they can receive information about new products, ask questions and get answers, get notified of sales and discounts, and most importantly, they don’t have to sit and wait for answers as they would with email or live chat. They can do business and get notified when they hear from you.

8 ways to engage consumers with GB WhatsApp

Consider all the ways GB WhatsApp can stay engaged

Once your customers (or even prospects) click that approval to receive a message from you, there are a number of ways you can keep your brand in front of them and provide real value.

Use GB WhatsApp

Nothing grabs attention more than a great, entertaining, and informative explainer or “how-to” video. These should be short (no more than 90 seconds) but show the value of your product or service, and the solution it provides to a pain point. These have been used on websites, social media and emails for years. Now they can “push out” via message. Research has shown that the brain processes and retains about 60K of visual information faster and better than mere text. You can even use customer videos to show how satisfied they are with your product, as long as they are short and relevant.

Push new and/or improved products or services

You can’t expect consumers to visit your website, social media channels, or open your emails. However, if they get a “ping” of a message you’ve sent, they don’t have to do anything other than open the message. This simplifies their experience with you.

Segment your audience on GB WhatsApp

Just like you might already be using an email marketing campaign, you can segment your audience based on where they are in the sales funnel and craft the message that resonates best with those segments. Again, they don’t need to do anything other than “answer” the ping.

get feedback

You can use GB WhatsApp to ask customers about their experience with your product or service. This will give you valuable information as you decide how and what to offer to increase customer satisfaction. Short surveys (emphasis added) allow customers to provide feedback quickly and honestly.

Keep customers informed about order fulfillment and shipping

Instead of using email notifications that customers have to spend time accessing, you can send notifications that confirm the order and provide shipping details. They don’t need to do anything – just turn on that ping message.

Promotional specials and discounts

Engage consumers with messaging apps

This is probably one of the most useful aspects of a messaging app. As Kristen Savage, a marketing consultant for two writing services Studyker and WriteScout, puts it, “Clients often don’t think actively. It’s the business’s job to do it for them. When we offer specials or discounts on writing products, it drives them Think about how these can be used for upcoming missions. They are more likely to place an order for a better price.”

handle customer service

Phone calls, emails, social media and live chat can all play a role in providing customer service and support when there is a question or issue. Phone calls are clearly the least preferred method due to long wait times and great inconvenience. Emails need to be asked and then constantly checked to see if an answer has been provided. Social media needs to check for responses and then follow the other instructions to contact the company. Live chat can prove to be faster than others, but customers must stay connected while waiting for answers. And, since many of these platforms use bots, the answer depends on AI and NLP, which may or may not be fully “baked” into the problem or problem at hand. The client is then transferred to a live person, again, there may be a waiting time.

However, understand this: you need to have staff and funds to respond within an hour (preferably within 15 minutes) of the customer contact. If it takes too long, you will lose engagement.

8 ways to engage consumers with GB WhatsApp

Keep your brand ahead and consistent

One of the benefits of GB WhatsApp messaging is that you can keep your brand in front of consumers with regular push notifications. There are a few key elements to doing this well:

You have to find a balance between providing enough information to keep your brand in your customers’ memory and harassing them. This means you have to plan your messaging carefully. Use your messages to provide value, not just “stay in touch” with boring messages or repetitive content

Get creative with your message. The more creative you are, the more your message will be opened. Customers need to expect your messages as entertaining, informative, and even inspiring. If you’re having trouble with this aspect of messaging, there’s nothing wrong with asking for some outside help. Many writing services, such as Top Essay Writing and Classy Essay, offer creative copywriting for this purpose. There are also many online tools for assessing psychological and other elements that resonate with your audience — tools like Canva, My Simple Show, BuiltVisible Content Discovery Tool, and more.

Be consistent in tone and style. Your brand has an image. Your customers love the image or they wouldn’t be customers. In all your app messaging, keep the language, style and tone consistent with what you know your audience appreciates.

While these eight tips for using GB WhatsApp messaging are solid and very important, they are not everything you should and can do with this platform. But know: consumers are busy, impatient, and don’t want to take the time to search for you. You have to play a proactive role to interact with them with as little work as possible. Using the GB WhatsApp messaging system will do this for you.

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