WhatsApp Mods are modified versions of the official WhatsApp application. The modified version of WhatsApp offers users more features than the normal version.

There are a lot of WhatsApp mods for Android, here we decided to list a few. So, in this article, we will share some of the best WhatsApp mods for Android.

AM WhatsApp APK Download for Android October 2022

If you’re looking for a WhatsApp mod that gives you a new way to reply to messages, then AM WhatsApp might be the way to go. AM WhatsApp has a unique chat bubble style that displays each message in a popup.

Other features of AM WhatsApp include hide typing status, blue flags, send videos up to 50MB, download status and more. For privacy and security, AM WhatsApp allows users to lock conversations with a PIN or password.

Features of AM WhatsApp APK

AM WhatsApp has almost the same functionality as the Fouad mod, but with fewer bugs and bugs, and everything works well. Also, the performance is great. The new look of the UI makes AM WhatsApp really worth it at this time. So read this article till the end.

  • WhatsApp payments
  • New attractive user interface
  • Faster performance than any other WhatsApp mod
  • Built-in aviation theme store
  • Thousands of themes and sticker packs
  • Totally anti-ban WhatsApp mod
  • Home screen customization
  • Other customization
  • Built-in lockers for better privacy
  • Other cool features of AM WhatsApp

Detailed features of AM WhatsApp

This section contains details of AM WhatsApp features. If you know all about these features, you can skip this section. So let’s get started.

New attractive user interface
We are tired of the same and old WhatsApp UI. But in AM WhatsApp, the main work is done through the improved user interface. The new user interface is awesome. I don’t think people who liked the old UI would dislike the new UI. You have to check. This UI is for AM WhatsApp only, it doesn’t exist in other WhatsApp mods and official WhatsApp.

Faster performance than any other WhatsApp mod
It’s not just a comment, it’s true. WhatsApp Aero is faster than any WA mod currently available on the internet. As you know, WA Aero was developed by Bozkurt Hazarr. It’s even faster than Fouad Mods and YoWhatsApp. If you are looking for the best performing WA mod, just choose WhatsApp Aero.

Thousands of themes and sticker packs
WhatsApp Aero has a new Aero theme store where you can find many themes as well as sticker packs. Also, this functionality is built-in. You can download sticker packs and use them in chats to make your conversations look cool. You can also find YoThemes at the Aero store.

Why is AM WhatsApp worth downloading?

You are all here to learn about the new 2022 AM WhatsApp APK and why it is worth downloading. Well, this mod has a brand new UI that gives us a nice look. Aero mod is not only about its appearance, but also its performance. This mod is more stable than any WhatsApp mod currently available. This APK developed by Bozkurt Hazarr is completely different from the WhatsApp mod.

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