By definition, end-to-end encryption means that when information is encrypted by one person, it can only be decrypted by another. So not even a third party can decrypt this information, which means it is very secure.

Fouad WhatsApp is an open mobile social application. The new version integrates video elements such as short videos in an all-round way, and establishes an immersive and scene-based social mode.

This is a brand new Fouad WhatsApp, nice to meet you.

Fouad WhatsApp is too bad for only chatting, 8 hidden features you need to know

Are Fouad WhatsApp Video Calls Safe 2022?

1. Fouad WhatsApp memo

Click Me – Favorites – the “+” sign in the upper right corner, you can find the to-do items at the bottom of the interface, fill in the memo information, click the upper right corner, and select “Pick up in chat”.

2. Check the end to receive the red envelope

In the chat group, enter the group menu from the upper right corner, select “Find Chat History”, click “Transaction”, and you can see the red envelopes that have not been received in the group.

3. Special attention to group news

Chat group is too noisy, just want to pay attention to someone’s speech? First set the group message to Do Not Disturb, and then add the group members you follow.

After a group member is set to follow, the member will remind you to follow when sending a message in the group, and will not be affected by Do Not Disturb. You can follow up to 4 group members.

4. Translate input

Enter three sentences in English or other languages ​​in the chat conversation, Fouad WhatsApp will remind you to turn on the “Write and translate” function, long press the input box to turn it on, then you can chat in English as long as you type any language.

5. Message timing reminder

Need a time reminder for a message from a friend or colleague? Long press the message, select “Reminder”, and set the reminder time. After the timer expires, the message will remind again. You can also enter information yourself and set up personal reminders.

6. Create a single crowd

Sometimes you need to use Fouad WhatsApp to collect some information, then you can create a group chat and put the information in the group. Compared with the “File Transfer Assistant”, it is easier to operate and find.

Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of Fouad WhatsApp, select “Start Group Chat”, “Face-to-Face Group”, enter 4 numbers, and you can create a group chat where you are the group owner.

Are Fouad WhatsApp Video Calls Safe 2022?

7. Open Fouad WhatsApp Trumpet

In the settings, select “Switch Account”, click “Add Account”, select “Register a New Account”, and select “Register with Current Account”. Not everyone can experience this feature during the beta test.

8. Fouad WhatsApp virtual identity

When you log in to the third-party APP, the APP will obtain your avatar and nickname. At this time, select “Create new avatar and nickname”, you can get a random avatar and nickname. “Virtual ID” to log in.

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