Blue Whatsapp Apk 2022 is the latest version mod for Whatsapp with a blue look that provides several cool features that are missing from the official app. The custom theme is blue and can be changed to different available colors.

It supports all smartphones including Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and anything Android offers. It is developed by several third-party developers, notably Heymods, Fouadmods, and Alexmods. Each developer provides some special features in the app. Whatsapp Plus Original is regularly updated by the developers, enabling you to personalize the UI according to your needs.

Blue Whatsapp Apk 2022 Anti Ban Version

Key Features of Blue Whatsapp Plus:

Use the app to enjoy unlimited entertainment, connectivity and multimedia sharing. The app is simple and easy to use and you will find three main functions of the app;

Privacy Privacy is a major concern in the digital world. Everyone first checks the privacy options before using or installing any app. In the app, you’ll find a foolproof privacy option.

Plus settings; in the options make as many settings as you want, like download sticker sets and wallpapers with GB Plus, get unlimited themes and fonts, and more.

General settings; in this feature you will find restart options for Whatsapp Plus, message scheduler, do not disturb mode, etc.

Built-in media downloader

We only watch other people’s “status” uploaded on the app, there is no way to save it to our device. The app solves this dilemma by offering a built-in media downloader for downloading your favorite statuses. Instead of asking the other person to send you an image or video, download and easily save to your device.

hide multiple features

In the official app, nothing can be hidden. If some security and privacy issues arise, the user wants to take some steps that can be performed in Blue Whatsapp;

If you don’t want to show your online status to your contacts, just go to settings and disable “Presence” to ensure yourself safe from being seen as offline by others.

Sometimes we want to read anyone’s message, but don’t want to be in a ghost position, just disable the “blue tick” option from the settings.

Hide the “Typing or Recording” option because we usually need some time to write something or record your information. So hide that option and take the time to reply to messages as needed.

Several styles of messaging

Basically, Whatsapp and the mods it develops are designed for chatting with your friends and family. In the app, there are several styles to choose from for sending and receiving messages;

Autoresponder sometimes we are busy with some other critical situation or work in any place where movement is not allowed. Avoid unnecessary situations and enable the “Auto Reply” option for regular contacts to let you know.

Scheduled Messages this option allows you to schedule messages for multiple events related to your loved ones with the correct time and date. You don’t need to remember birthdays or any other ceremony dates, messages will be sent from you on time.

Messages to unsaved contactsunlike the official app, there is no need to add a phone number before contacting, although just enter the number and message and send it easily.

Offline messagingtype your message and send it even if you don’t have an internet connection. The message will be saved in the app’s server and sent to someone when your network connection is open.

Customize everything

The main screen, which is the title of the show, is completely blue. It might be amazing for someone who likes blue, but you can change it according to your choice. You can change everything, including wallpapers, themes, edit titles, chat screens, and more;

Fonts and styles unlimited fonts available in different styles, sizes, shapes and more. Avoid typical boring fonts and try stylish and unique fonts that express your laziness and eccentricity.

Stickers and Emoticons according to new trends, many cool looking stickers and emoticons make your chat expressive.

Wallpapers:we know that customization cannot be done without wallpapers. So, use any wallpaper you like from the excellent library provided by the app.

Themes the app offers a variety of styles of themes, and you’ll find themes created by other users to customize your app as well.

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