Blue WhatsApp Ap latest version is a refined custom module of the original Whatsapp. The developer of the APK is Fouad Mokdad, as he licensed the first developer Blueusef and released BlueWa. Try this mod to maximize your app’s potential and enjoy unlimited features such as sending large files, changing themes, hiding your last appearance, hardly going offline, and more.

Blue WhatsApp Download APK v9.55 Update Nov 2022

We all love using WhatsApp mod. Whether it’s connecting with friends or connecting with family, WhatsApp is a great option. WhatsApp currently has 2 billion active users worldwide, sending more than 100 billion messages every day. WhatsApp is also considered to be the most popular messaging app in the world. Having said that, some alternative versions of WhatsApp do better than the official version in every way. Let’s take a look at Blue WhatsApp APK and its great features for Android

Blue WhatsApp (BlueWA) APK Features:

Customize your interface

Unlike the official app, these modes offer unlimited customization options, you can create your own themes, auto-save themes, change the main chat screen, widgets, pop-up notifications, and media sharing. Choose header icons and contact name colors, use custom wallpapers, change message size and hyperlink colors, and more.

Safe and reliable

Several latest features make user security and privacy more robust and secure. It’s up to you who can see your status, profile photo, and conversations. It is also possible to delete sent items and hide online status. You can also copy text states. The app also provides a built-in locker to lock your Whatsapp.

quick share
Unlike the official app, Blue Whatsapp APK lets you send 90 photos at a time, share files or documents up to 100MB, and send videos without losing quality. Block calls even specific calls, hide blue tick, last seen, online status and dual buttons.

business preference
In real Whatsapp app, only 256 members can submit broadcast signals, but in Blue Whatsapp you can submit broadcast signals to up to 600 employees with the help of Blue Whatsapp.

Share unlimited videos
Upload large videos and share them easily. Log to Track option notifies you about online friends. You can also change the default video player and set MX Player as the default player.

Block unwanted calls
Avoid blocking someone’s number for a period of time if his call irritates you. Go to settings and turn off the receive option for specific contacts, not forever.

Disable forwarded message tags – this is a really cool feature. You can now disable the forward message label when forwarding a message from one person to another.

Hide Your Last Appearance – This feature is also available in the official version, but you also can’t see other people’s last appearances.

BlueWhatsApp fixes this, allowing you to hide the last thing you saw so that no one else can see the last thing you saw.

Who can call you – sometimes we get annoying calls on WhatsApp and we simply can’t refuse because the caller already knows you’re online.

But Blue WhatsApp APK for Android solves this problem. Now you can set who can call you under privacy settings.

main feature

  • Modified version of Whatsapp
  • Customize your interface
  • Safe and reliable
  • quick share
  • business preference
  • Share unlimited videos
  • Block unwanted calls

Why is BlueWhatsApp better than official WhatsApp?

If you want to enjoy better features than the official version, there is no doubt that you should always choose the modified application. But there are many applications available on the internet today. So why did you choose BlueWhatsApp, or something like Yo WhatsApp, and why does it matter? We’ll explore all the features and see how you can use them to get the most out of your WhatsApp experience.

Generally, the official version is considered the best. Since they have almost no bugs and are stable for all devices they run on. But that doesn’t make the app great. Despite having a stable and bug-free experience, the app should offer as many features as possible to its users.

Let’s take the official WhatsApp as an example, everything is great, it works smoothly as expected on all devices, but it just lacks some features. These features exist in Blue WhatsApp. This is why it is necessary for us to know more about the alternative to WhatsApp, sometimes called BlueWA.

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