Officially, you are not allowed to have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. However, since most phones are now equipped with dual SIM technology, it is not uncommon for users to want to set up two numbers through WhatsApp even if they only have one device. You can download GB WhatsApp so you can log into two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

Can I install 2 GB WhatsApp on my phone?

How to transfer your GB WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone?

1. On your Android phone, download the app.

2. Start the ‌iPhone‌ setup process for a new (or factory reset) ‌iPhone‌.

3. When the Apps & Data settings screen appears, select Move data from Android.

4. On your Android phone, open the Move to iOS app and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. On your iPhone, tap Continue when you see the “Move from Android” screen, and wait for the ten- or six-digit code to appear.

6. Enter the code on your Android phone, select WhatsApp on the transfer data screen, and tap Start.

7. Wait for your GB of WhatsApp history and data to be ready for migration. Once the process is complete, you will be logged out of WhatsApp on your Android device.

8. Once your ‌iPhone‌ is fully set up, download GB WhatsApp and log into the service using the same phone number.

After completing these steps, the GB WhatsApp chat history on your Android phone should appear on your new ‌iPhone‌.

GB WhatsApp officially rolls out Android transfer iOS feature

GB WhatsApp announced that it will launch the official Android transfer iOS function, which can keep the user’s chat history on Android and transfer the data to the iOS platform. At the time, this feature was only in the beta stage, but today, GB WhatsApp officially announced that the Android transfer iOS feature has been officially completed and launched.

Users can transfer their own account data, profile pictures, personal conversations, group conversations, conversation logs, media and settings, but not call logs or display names.

Equipment requirements

Install the Android Lollipop operating system (SDK 21 or above) on the Android device, or install the Android 5 or above operating system

Install iOS 15.5 or above operating system on iPhone

Install the “Transfer to iOS” app on your Android phone

Use GB WhatsApp iOS or above on new device

Use GB WhatsApp Android or above on older devices

Use the same mobile number as the old phone on the new device

Your iPhone must be in a new factory state or factory reset in order to pair with the Transfer to iOS app and transfer data from your Android phone

Can I install 2 GB WhatsApp on my phone?

Both devices need to be connected to a power source

Both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or the Android device needs to be connected to the iPhone’s hotspot

Transfer from Android to iPhone

Open the Transfer to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

The code will appear on the iPhone. When prompted, enter the code on your Android phone.

Tap Continue and follow the on-screen prompts.

Select GB WhatsApp in the transfer data screen.

Tap Start on your Android phone and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data to export. When your data is ready, you will be automatically logged out of your Android phone.

Tap Next to return to the Transfer to iOS app.

Tap Continue to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone, then wait for “Transfer to iOS” to confirm that the transfer process is complete.

Install GB WhatsApp latest version from App Store.

Open GB WhatsApp and log in with the same mobile number as the old device.

When prompted, tap Start and wait for the process to complete.

Continue through the onboarding process for your new device, and you’ll see your conversation history.

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