Fortunately, you can have both WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp on the same phone without any worries. The standard rule is that you cannot install the same app twice. This means that you cannot have two WhatsApp apps on one phone by default.

Can I install FM WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp?

How can I install two identical FM WhatsApp on my phone?

1. Download the FM WhatsApp installation package that needs to be applied, and place it in a location that can be remembered.

2. Open the apk editor and find the installation package directory.

3. Press and hold the FM WhatsApp installation package to choose to make coexistence, and you can select OK in both dialog boxes. If the installation package is relatively large, the time for automatic production and coexistence will be correspondingly longer.

4. After the production is completed, a clone will appear in the original directory, install this slightly larger clone, also press and hold, and choose to install.

FM WhatsApp 2022 is one of the most popular communication tools with many new additions

You can change the green theme of the original app to any color you want and choose from the library.

You can customize the app’s privacy settings to hide features like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.

The video calling feature can be turned off, which was not possible in the original app.

You can use the App Lock feature to protect apps with a password. Therefore, you can effectively protect your data.

Can I install FM WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp?

Special function:

Send messages without saving contacts. This application allows you to send messages to contacts that have not been saved.

While the original app only allowed you to pin three chats, this app allows you to pin up to 100 chats.

You can change the color of the grouping, which was not possible in the original app.

security function

The security features are listed below.

The built-in app lock does not exist in the original app.

Passwords can be used to protect applications.

By adding a pin to a chat, you can make the conversation more secure.

increase the limit

You can use this app to send messages to large groups of 500 people. The original app only allowed 250 people.

You can send up to 60 images to a single recipient. The original application does not allow this.

More advantages:

It includes an anti-deletion feature that prevents recipients from deleting messages you send.

You can choose any theme from a library of over a thousand themes.

You can include up to ten pictures in a message.

Large files up to 700 MB can be shared.

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Can I install FM WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp?

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