In October 2019, security researcher Awakened disclosed a vulnerability in GB WhatsApp  that could allow hackers to take control of the app using GIF images. The hacker exploited the way GB WhatsApp  handles images to work when users open the gallery view to send media files.

Can someone hack my phone by sending me pictures on GB WhatsApp ?

Do you use GB WhatsApp ? Today I will teach you a few tricks and methods, remember to like and favorite!

According to the data, GB WhatsApp  ranks first in the usage rate of 109 countries, more than half of the countries. Among them, there are users in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Central and South America (even the whole of South America), Southeast Asia and the whole of Africa. Most of them use GB WhatsApp  as their daily communication software, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. It is a very popular social software. Compared with WeChat, which is being used in our country, about one billion people use it, but there are tens of millions of micro-businesses, so you can know that there are many business opportunities for GB WhatsApp , which is also the direction that enterprises need to explore.

Moreover, GB WhatsApp  has a great advantage. You can directly send messages to the customer’s GB WhatsApp  account without adding friends. Compared with the more traditional mail sending method, the customer’s sending rate using GB WhatsApp  can be said to be as high as 100%. of.

Can someone hack my phone by sending me pictures on GB WhatsApp ?

What help is there for individuals?

1. It is free to use. Sending messages through GB WhatsApp  is free, just need a ladder environment to surf the Internet.

2. High level of activity. GB WhatsApp  has a 98% read rate, and messages can be received even when offline.

3. Fast and direct. You can directly communicate with customers without adding friends, and you can also send product information, group management, and personalized services, which is really convenient and fast.

4. The mode is changeable. Not only can chat, but also video, the communication method is more direct.

Under what circumstances is GB WhatsApp  easy to get banned?

1. Sell directly as soon as you say hello, and each message has a marketing link

2. Login on a different device

3. Reported by customers

4. Register a new account and send messages like crazy

5. Join multiple groups in a short time or form your own

How can I avoid banning as much as possible?

1. The new account should be raised first, and the customer friend should be added first.

2. Post some personal news and let the GB WhatsApp  algorithm determine that you are a high-quality user

3. Study the language of communication (this is important). It is recommended to send some content that customers are interested in to guide customers to learn more about you.

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