Android phones can be infected simply by receiving a picture via text message, according to research released Monday. This may be the biggest smartphone flaw ever discovered. It affects about 950 million mobile phones worldwide—about 95 percent of all Android phones in use today.

Can someone hack my YO WhatsApp by sending me pictures?

YO WhatsApp to Introduce B2C Chat: Entering the Enterprise Market

According to Bloomberg, Facebook CFO David Wehner (David Wehner) said that the company is exploring various ways to achieve B2C communication in the YO WhatsApp mobile chat software.

Facebook announced its new enterprise Messenger project at this year’s F8 developer conference. In a bid to make Facebook Messenger a standalone platform, the company said it will soon roll out a feature that will allow businesses and brands to provide customer service inquiries directly through the service.

But now it looks like Facebook is preparing to develop the same feature on YO WhatsApp. “We think B2C chat is a promising business,” Weiner said at the JPMorgan tech conference. “Based on what we know, I think there’s a good chance that we can bring it to YO WhatsApp, but it’s probably a long-term plan, in the short term.” will not be launched.”

Can someone hack my YO WhatsApp by sending me pictures?

In fact, it’s not surprising that Wiener called this a “long-term plan,” since the enterprise version of Messenger, released earlier this year, is only available to some US businesses so far.

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