It is not mandatory to save the number in your contacts. Fouad WhatsApp comes with a “click to chat” feature that allows users to start chatting with someone without having to save their phone number in their phone’s address book. However, the number of the person to chat with must be known.

Can strangers contact you on Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp pushes feature update, users can join group video calls at any time

The epidemic has made it impossible for many people to visit relatives and friends in other places, and communication has changed to rely on video calls. Fouad WhatsApp group video calls allow relatives and friends to be close to each other, and they can have a good time no matter where they are.

Although Fouad WhatsApp supports both iPhone and Android mobile phones, there is no platform limitation, but in the past, to make video calls, users must answer all at the same time, and they cannot join later.

This inflexible design has finally changed recently, with Fouad WhatsApp announcing an update to all users a few days ago.

Can strangers contact you on Fouad WhatsApp?

Group video calls can allow users to join after the conversation has started, provided that the user was originally invited, so that the user can join the ongoing conversation at any time on the user’s own time. After the update, Fouad WhatsApp even allowed users to temporarily leave during group video calls and then rejoin.

Another change after the update is a new info page showing which users have been invited to the group and who has started a conversation.

Fouad WhatsApp said the update is available from today and is expected to be available for all users in the coming weeks.

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