Gbwhatsapp is the most popular chat application in many countries, including Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Turkey, especially Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and Spain, with a user penetration rate of more than 80%.

Of course, one reason is that sending text messages in almost all countries except the United States has been expensive and is not part of the operator package.

The United States is catching up. Although teenagers in Germany and Britain are fans of gbwhatsapp, if you look at the United States, you will find that most users are adults aged 25 to 44:


Therefore, consumers seem to want to communicate, and gbwhatsapp has become their platform.

How to add a customer

Usually, as long as the customer’s mobile number is saved in the address book, you can add and import by logging in to gbwhatsapp.

But it should be noted that:

  1. Ensure that the other party also has gbwhatsapp installed on the mobile phone;
  2. Make sure the mobile phone number you enter is correct;

How to search and find the customer’s mobile number

After searching the customer’s mobile phone number, the following channels are commonly used by foreign traders:

  1. Exhibition business card;
  2. Background inquiry information of B2B platform;
  3. Transaction information of regular customers;
  4. Google search customer information;
  5. Skype customer information bar.
  6. If this is an international call, be careful not to use prefix 0.

How do you know whether you are hacked by customers

If you are blackmailed by customers, no matter how skillful your negotiation or communication skills are, they will not be effective. So how do you know if you have been blackmailed?

  1. Click on the contact to find the user you think has blocked you.
  2. Check the user status. If there is no “online / free” status under the user name, they may have blocked you.
  3. Click the send message button at the bottom of the screen to pop up a chat window. Find the last online time, which appears at the top of the chat window and below the user name. If you can’t see the last online time, you can use other methods to confirm whether you have been hacked.
  4. Find two checkmarks. When you send messages to others, a blue check mark will appear on the right side of the chat message bubble, which means that the message has been sent to the other party’s server. When the receiver reads the message, a second tick mark will appear, which means that the message has been read. If most of the messages you sent to the other party recently have only one check mark behind them, and the second one never appears, then you are likely to have been hacked.

But just looking at the tick is not very accurate. It may also mean that the other party is not connected to the Internet. You can combine other signs to determine whether it is hacked.

  1. Click the user profile, the user name at the top of the chat window, and open the other party’s profile page. Check the changes of the other party’s personal information. If others block you, you will never see the changes in each other’s information. If you are sure that a user has recently changed their data, but you can’t see these changes, you may be blocked by him.
  2. Draw a conclusion. If you find multiple matches after checking the above clues, you can basically confirm that you have been blocked by the other party.

How to expand business with gbwhatsapp business?

People exchange more than 65billion messages every day through gbwhatsapp. Adding gbwhatsapp business as a communication channel can gain many benefits, including:

  1. Strengthen customer relationship

Through gbwhatsapp business, you can contact all users who provide phone numbers. This means that you can establish contact with customers who are interested in your business and strengthen contact with customers.

  1. Manage cross device conversations

Gbwhatsapp business can also be used on the network and mobile phones. Therefore, it is easy to manage messages across different devices. You can install these two applications on the same device without worrying about handling too many devices.

  1. Save more costs

You can download it from Google play store. At present, this app is completely free to use, so you can contact customers all over the world without any extra cost. In this way, the costs associated with SMS services can also be eliminated.

  1. In a safe way of communication

All chats in gbwhatsapp business are secure. You can communicate with customers without worrying about the leakage of chat content.

  1. Let customers find you

Gbwhatsapp business supports shared locations. In addition, your profile can also provide a link to your website, making it easier for customers to find you.

  1. Quickly share the marketing promotion plan

You can share the latest news about your products here. These messages are visible to all customers. Therefore, it is more convenient to promote your business.

In addition, it is easy to share marketing videos / pictures or information documents. This will improve your contact with customers. It can also manage all marketing activities and relevant contacts at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.

  1. Improve customer service

Through gbwhatsapp business, you can also easily interact with customers at different times and places to improve customer service. When customers contact you with questions, you can solve their problems in time.

  1. Promote effective teamwork

You can manage all business messages from gbwhatsapp business. You can also create groups and share files in seconds to work with your team.

Gbwhatsapp is widely used. Learn more and make good use of all the tools at hand to make the foreign trade business more smooth and beneficial!


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