Do you know Cyber​​ WhatsApp? It is a WhatsApp mod that provides additional functions and features not available in the official version and a different interface design.

Read the full article to learn more about Cyber​​ WhatsApp on your phone. Here you will learn how to download and install this mod, also you will get the download link of Cyber ​​WhatsApp APK to get this amazing WhatsApp mod.

Cyber​​ WhatsApp APK Download Official Oct 2022

What is Cyber​​ WhatsApp?

Cyber​​​​WhatsApp is a MOD whose main advantage is the interface design, we have four different tabs to access chats, groups, calls and status, as well as being able to go between day and night themes or airplane mode choose.

All of this combined with the ability to customize shapes by theme or function enhances the user experience, for example, alerting you when a contact is online. It is not made by the official WhatsApp Messenger, but by other popular mods such as Fouad WhatsApp.

Cyber​​ WhatsApp Features:

Voice Changer: You can send voice messages to your friends, family or anyone and make fun of them with a different voice. Yes, Cyber​​​​WhatsApp provides you with a variety of audios that you can use to deceive others.

DND Mode: Disable WhatsApp messages when needed (DND Mode).

Audio/Video Call Blocking: Notifies you when someone is online.

Media Sharing: You can send any file to anyone without uploading it in a zip file or APK file, which is great for those who use WhatsApp now for work or study.

Cyber​​ WhatsApp new features:

  • Exclusively add call rejection type option
  • Enable as a reply, you can use any emoji. Select the “+” icon.
  • Enable listening to voice notes in the background after the conversation ends.
  • Confirmation added before sending status (image/video) option (FMMods > Home screen).
  • “Chat Backup” option has been added to the crash page.
  • Added more chat translation languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi” and “Bengali”.
  • Added ability to set “Search the web” or use emoji as avatar.
  • Hidden conversations now appear in search results.
  • Calls on certain phones no longer crash.
  • Group privacy is now available in group settings.
  • Copy media subtitles
  • Normal backup is now scheduled for 2AM
  • On some phones, the autoresponder page may randomly crash.
  • Improved Start transferring to new WA folder location.

How to download and install Cyber ​​WhatsApp?

Download Cyber​​​​WhatsApp from the link given above.
Go to the device’s settings and go to the security options and go to “Enable Source” to enable the device to install from sources other than the Play Store.
After downloading, click Install App and install it manually.
Log in to Cyber​​​​WhatsApp with the mobile number you want to use for your WhatsApp Online account.
OTP will be sent to the mobile number you entered through WhatsApp Inc.
Enter the correct one-time password sent to the mobile number you entered.
Now, go ahead and use your custom Cyber ​​WhatsApp online the way you want.


If you’re someone who wants to switch but don’t want to leave the WhatsApp ecosystem, download Cyber​​ WhatsApp now! It’s the most complete instant messaging app because it enhances what’s really missing. Additionally, it adds restrictions so users don’t have to use external apps and websites.

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