Privacy leakage is the most objectionable thing to users in the Internet society. As Facebook data leaks continue to ferment, the American social software WhatsApp has publicly stated to users that it will never leak user data.

Did GB WhatsApp leak data?

Does GB WhatsApp’s Friends feature leak privacy?

1. Of course not, the friend function of GB WhatsApp has only one function, that is, when someone adds your friend, there is only your GB WhatsApp name, avatar and your country, and there is no other information.

2. What do you mean by GB WhatsApp personal information? Your GB WhatsApp personal information is only known to you. You can only see it by opening your GB WhatsApp account and opening Settings. Others cannot.

3. Others have added your GB WhatsApp friend, click on your GB WhatsApp avatar, you can only see your GB WhatsApp avatar, GB WhatsApp nickname, GB WhatsApp number area, and post status, but no other information can be seen. arrived.

How to Recover GB WhatsApp Chat History?

1. First we open GB WhatsApp on the computer.

2. Then click Login.

3. Then click Login on the mobile terminal.

4. After opening GB WhatsApp on the computer, click the backup and restore option in More in the lower left corner.

5. Then click to restore chat history to the phone.

6. After checking the GB WhatsApp chat history of the specified person to be restored, click OK.

7. Then click on the GB WhatsApp on our mobile phone to start recovery.

8. Finally, you can find the deleted GB WhatsApp chat history of the designated person after waiting for the recovery of the chat history.

GB WhatsApp supports logging in to multiple GB WhatsApp accounts at the same time, helping you receive and send messages quickly and efficiently, improving work efficiency and communication efficiency. Rich application scenarios help you greatly improve management efficiency.

Did GB WhatsApp leak data?

How to unbind mobile phone number on GB WhatsApp?

Click on Accounts & Security

Click on the phone number

Open the settings and go to the phone number.

Click to change phone number

On the phone number interface, click Change phone number to unbind the phone.

How does GB WhatsApp turn off the messages pushed by the subscription account?

Open GB WhatsApp, tap on the subscription number message.

·Click the three-bar button in the upper right corner.

·Click on the subscription account that needs to close the push message.

·Click the little man button in the upper right corner.

·Click the three dots button in the upper right corner.

·Click on the settings option.

·Close the button behind the receive article push

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