“We do not publish or share your WhatsApp number with others, including on Facebook, and we do not sell, share or provide your phone number to advertisers.

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How to set up Fouad WhatsApp phone number to hide?

Everyone’s Fouad WhatsApp account is usually bound with a mobile phone number. In order to protect personal privacy, sometimes we don’t want our newly added friends to see our mobile phone number. Let’s share a method to hide Fouad WhatsApp mobile phone number.

Log in to Fouad WhatsApp, click on friends, you can see a column with phone numbers

Click “Me” in the lower menu bar, then click Settings

In the settings, find the “Privacy” section and click “Privacy”

Find “Add My Way” on the Privacy Page and click “Add My Way”

On the Add My Ways page, tap “Mobile Number” to turn it off. In this way, the phone number is hidden, and newly added friends cannot directly see our mobile phone number, which protects our privacy.


Friends in the previous address book can still see the phone number column

Another method is to unbind the mobile phone number, but it may increase the risk of Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp to modify the phone number settings?

The phone number is disabled, the Fouad WhatsApp binding is the old number, how to change it to the new number.

Unlock the phone and enter the main interface to find Fouad WhatsApp.

Click Fouad WhatsApp to enter the Fouad WhatsApp software interface.

Click “Me” in the lower column of the Fouad WhatsApp interface

In the “Me” interface, find “Settings” and click it

In the “Settings” interface, find “Account and Security” and click to enter

In the “Account and Security” interface, select and click “Mobile Number” to enter

On the “Mobile Number” interface, select “Change Mobile Number”.

Note: The changed number must be my own number.

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How to recover deleted Fouad WhatsApp chat history?

How to restore the deleted Fouad WhatsApp chat history? The following insights are my summary of the recovery method of Fouad WhatsApp chat history, hoping to help everyone.

Enter Fouad WhatsApp, open settings

Click Help and Feedback

Click the button in the upper right corner

Click to repair the record

Click the restore chat history button to start the repair

How to encrypt?

First, we log in to an APK encryption platform and let the platform encrypt the Fouad WhatsApp application.

① Enter the official website to log in or register (you can log in to use an existing account directly. If you do not need to register first, you must complete your personal information when registering a new account, otherwise it will not work normally!)

②Upload the APK package and submit it for encryption. After the system reviews the security of the APK, the system will encrypt it.

③After the encryption is completed, the system will send an email to prompt that the encryption is completed, and then download the APK package and sign it again to use it.

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