You can now enjoy it and enjoy using GB WhatsApp  in your IOS device. After a lot of requests, developers have also built GB WhatsApp  plus apk for iPhone devices. So you can now easily download and use this awesome apk in your IOS device without any issues.

Does iPhone use GB WhatsApp?

How to restore GB WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

part 1:

If you’re migrating from Android to iPhone, here’s how to move your GB WhatsApp  messages from a Google Drive backup to your iPhone. Individuals transitioning between Android and iPhone often rely on apps to handle user data appropriately. For example, using the same account data on an iPhone will often result in the exact same account details being displayed in an app on an Android device.

However, not all applications do this for all their information.

With GB WhatsApp, the situation seems to be similar. For example, the app explicitly informs users that they can only authenticate to accounts that contain one mobile phone number, and regularly switching accounts between devices could result in account suspensions. This includes any discussions, files or data created or received during such interactions. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way for regular customers to transfer funds within the program. If the GB WhatsApp  data you wish to share is already stored online via Google Drive, things get more complicated. While restoring a Google Drive backup seems to work, this isn’t on the iPhone.

Also, for example, GB WhatsApp  for iOS only connects to iCloud and therefore does not connect to Google Drive, while GB WhatsApp  for Android only connects to Gmail accounts, not iCloud. GB WhatsApp  for iOS does not allow loading Google Drive backups. Although if you have Google Drive loaded on your iPhone and GB WhatsApp  uses Google Drive on iOS, the information is impossible to read due to the difference in encryption.

part 2:

In order to restore GB WhatsApp  backup from Google Drive to iPhone, there seem to be two ways to do it using Google Drive, some of which are much easier than others because it uses a tool called AnyTrans.

Use “Google Drive”

1. Before using iPhone, one of the main goals of this transfer is to transfer Google Drive backup files to Android. You will not be able to restore data from Google Drive to your Apple device because it is not compatible with the iOS platform. Proceed as follows:

Does iPhone use GB WhatsApp?

1.1- Restore GB WhatsApp  data from Google Drive to Android phone:

Steps: 1- Set up and launch GB WhatsApp  on your Android phone and verify your mobile number.

Step: 2- Click Restore when asked to restore backup from Google Drive.

Step: 3- Wait for the program to finish. After that, you need to click “Next” to complete the process.

Step: 4- After restoring your conversation history, GB WhatsApp  will try to restore multimedia content. Allow the process to complete.

1.2- Transfer GB WhatsApp  from Android to iPhone by email:

Steps: 1- On your Android device, launch WhatsApp. Select the conversation record you want to move.

Step: 2- Select Settings, More, Download Chat and Email from the drop down menu. Choose whether you want to add chat multimedia to emails.

Step: 3- Enter the email address to which the logs should be sent and click Send.

Step: 4- Launch your email program on the iPhone and get the conversation log.

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