Yo Whatsapp has been tested a lot about its security. People are afraid there will be viruses or data theft, but we can say it is safe! The direct download links we share are free of any viruses or malware.

Does Yo WhatsApp contain viruses?

What to do if there is a virus in Yo Whatsapp?

 After the virus in Yo Whatsapp, you need to freeze Yo WhatsApp immediately to ensure the security of Yo WhatsApp. After that, you can unfreeze Yo WhatsApp and use it normally.

Access account and security

On the Yo Whatsapp settings interface, click Account and Security to enter.

Enter Yo WhatsApp Security Center

On the page you come to, click on the Yo Whatsapp Security Center option to enter.

Enter the frozen account

On the interface that comes, click the Freeze Account option to enter.

Freeze account

Click Start Freeze in it, freeze the account, and then unfreeze it after ensuring safety, you can use Yo WhatsApp normally.


Yo WhatsApp must ensure a safe environment for use.

What to do if Yo WhatsApp is stolen?

Recently, many friends have asked about what to do if Yo WhatsApp is stolen. Today’s experience will talk about this topic, hoping to help friends in need.

1. Click “Settings”, enter the page, click “Account and Security”, and click “Yo WhatsApp Security Center”.

2. Click “Freeze Account” and click “Start Freezing” on the new page.

3. After entering, you can freeze select mobile phone number, Yo WhatsApp ID, Email, and input, click “Next”, enter, you can choose three freezing methods, choose a method and operate as required.

Does Yo WhatsApp contain viruses?

How to solve Yo WhatsApp being logged in by others?

1. Click on Account and Security

Select the “Account and Security” option at the top of the Yo WhatsApp settings page to enter.

2. Click Login Device Management

Find the “Login Device Management” option on the page to enter.

3. Click Delete

Find the device that needs to be deleted, swipe left to delete it, and the operation will be successful.

Why does Yo WhatsApp appear to log in from an unfamiliar device?

Through the device management function in Yo WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you can complete the solution of unfamiliar device login. The following are the detailed steps:

1. Click Settings, on the Yo WhatsApp me interface, click Settings.

2. Click Account and Security, and on the Settings page, click Account and Security.

3. Click on the logged in device, on the account and security page, click on the logged in device.

4. Click Edit. On the Device page, click Edit.

5. Click Delete, find an unfamiliar device in the editor, and click Delete.

6. Click delete, click delete, and the strange device is successfully deleted.

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