Life has become easier through innovations in digital telephony and social media services. Many of us are grateful to have WhatsApp for our communication needs. One of the most popular apps in WhatsApp mod APK today is Soula WhatsApp. In the meantime, check out other mods’ SX projects.

The app will enable you to control specific aspects of the operation and confidentiality of chats and apps without violating WhatsApp’s terms of use. Now, let’s all get ready to discover the complete information and download catalog of Soula WhatsApp.

Download Soula WhatsApp APK v8.40 (Updated September 2022)

The mod version of the official WhatsApp means Soula WhatsApp with additional features and mods. Syrian creator Sommer Damous made this app.

Application Advantages

Soula WhatsApp has two versions. This lite and official version. Both can bring huge benefits to the users of the application. Here are the advantages of the official Soula WhatsApp app:

Keep the conversation going – you can seamlessly sync all your chats to your computer using the internet and WhatsApp on your desktop. So you can chat on any device you have access to.
You are sharing precious moments – no need to send pictures and videos on WhatsApp. Use the built-in camera to capture the moments that matter to you. Photos and videos are delivered quickly, even if you have a slow connection.


Have you downloaded Soula WhatsApp yet? Don’t waste your time! Here are some procedures to install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device:

Go to settings, then security
Make sure to start Unknown Sources
Find APK files on your smartphone
Open the APK file and follow the guide
We recommend that you remove unknown sources, but it is optional
Soula provides extensive support for the users of the application. Here is an introduction to the features the app can offer you:

Home/Chat Screen Mods

At the top of the Soula page, you’ll find “WhatsApp”. Written text will enable you to replace WhatsApp title, number or status with Soula mods WhatsApp. You can hide and archive the chat button on this WhatsApp home screen. Doing so will enable you to remove the grey borders on the home screen that divide chats.

Media sharing module
Notifications don’t pause audio. You have the right to share movie files up to 700MB on WhatsApp Soula. Share the original quality of the picture without losing the quality of the picture. Soula WhatsApp now has 30 minutes of video time.

Download Soula WhatsApp APK v8.40 (Updated September 2022)

Privacy module
Enables you to hide your online presence by freezing the last seen option. You can prevent others from deleting their messages with the revoke mod. Allowing this option will prevent someone from undoing a message they sent from you or the group. By using the hidden status view module, you can check their WhatsApp status without knowing it. Soula WhatsApp can hide the blue tick and the second tick. It also allows you to write or record voice notes in contacts, broadcasts or group chats with hidden typing/recording status modules.

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