Now we will surprise you with the WhatsApp Aero APK app, the safest and most used version of WhatsApp. Many users are switching to this app due to more features and extra satisfaction. This article will tell you everything. So read on to find out more. It’s different after reading it.

At present, the meaning of communication is not WhatsApp, it is the most commonly used chat application, as well as the application to send and receive all kinds of files, video and audio files. In addition to WhatsApp encrypting bear-to-bear during chats, so messaging through it is more secure and private, messaging flags that inform the status of messages are also a feature that attracts more users.

Download Whatsapp Aero Latest Version 2022

What is WhatsApp Aero APK?

This is a great app from Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar who is interested in creative programming. In fact, Bozkurt took the WhatsApp version of FoudMakdad and perfected it to perfection. This app focuses on functionality and performance. All other features are the same as the FoudMakdad version of WhatsApp.

Version Information:

The size is 68MB.

Version name 8.5.

The packaging is double copied and opened.

This app is an anti-ban app.

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

All other modified versions of WhatsApp require you to uninstall the original application. But this version works as a helper app. This way, you don’t have to worry about the power of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero Features:

WhatsApp Aero Theme

A rich user interface requires choosing a different theme. Turkish developer Bozkurt has added more Golden WhatsApp themes in the FoudMakdad and YoWhatsApp versions. Now you can choose from thousands of themes. So you can choose your applications creatively and beautifully. If we’re talking about exact numbers, you can choose a topic from over 3000 topics.

Home screen customization

The home screen should be pleasing and desirable. That’s why Buzkurt has added a new feature to customize the home screen. There are 14 different modes to choose from. Each style is described below.

Additional features of WhatsApp Aero 2022:

The app allows users to turn off the internet, which is called Do Not Disturb Mode.

The app increases the photo sharing limit, up to ten photos can be added to a message.

The video limit has also been increased, allowing you to send videos up to 100MB.

The app has a titanium backup feature that automatically backs up your data.

You can freely enable or disable the proximity sensor.

You can switch the headphone output to the headphone output and vice versa.

You can send high quality full resolution images.

You can set a password for the application. It also adds another feature, the security question.

You can hide any media from the gallery. This means you can protect your photos, videos and GIFs.

The settings user interface is different from the original application.

You can disable message forwarding.

You can set undelete for status and messages.

You decide who can contact you.

You can hide blue ticks, single ticks and double ticks.

You can change the font style.

The app allows you to customize the conversation screen.

Emoji variants are available. You can add Facebook emojis to your conversations.

The app has an auto-responder feature that allows you to speed up your communication.

You can schedule messages to increase productivity.

You can add Instagram-style stories to your status.

When you use WhatsApp Mod Aero, you get privileges from the developers in the form of powerful features built into the app.

1. Anti-ban function

For those who have experienced WhatsApp Mod account ban, you can try this version. Since this app has an anti-ban function, it is unlikely that your account will be banned again.

This is because the developer has stated that this app will always follow the latest updates of the official WhatsApp app, including the privacy policy.

2. Anti-delay function

There are a number of GBWhatsApp-based WhatsApp Mod apps currently in circulation. However, there are also many developers who are not serious about creating their applications because many bugs are found. As a result, the app lags and sometimes quits on its own.

But if you’re using WhatsApp Aero, you don’t seem to have such issues. The reason is that the developers have guaranteed that they will always overcome bugs and keep the performance and performance of the application stable.

3. Anti-cancellation function

WhatsApp itself includes a feature that allows users to drag messages moments after they’ve been sent, so recipients don’t have time to read the contents of the message.

However, this does not work with WhatsApp Mod. Because this app is equipped with anti-undo function. It can still be used to read messages that have been checked out or deleted by the sender.

4. Attractive interface and cool design

The next feature included in WhatsApp is its attractive appearance. This is thanks to the theme store. This allows users to download and use thousands of themes and stickers that are free to use.

Not only that, but users can also change the appearance of icons and notifications according to their wishes. Very interesting isn’t it?

5. Privacy Settings

Similar to other WhatsApp Mod apps, this app is also equipped with privacy features where users can set their privacy as they wish.

From copying messages, hide two ticks and blue tick, hide online status, remove date and time when copying messages, inadvertently view other stories, remove notifications to remove tags when forwarding messages.

6. Sending large files

For people who like to use WhatsApp for work, need to share large files and large files, which is not possible on official WhatsApp.

But you can rest assured that you can send files big and small because WhatsApp Aero offers this feature. Even a single delivery can be up to 1 GB in size.

Not only that, but you can also share image or video files according to their original quality and resolution without compressing or cropping them like in the original WhatsApp.

7. Aero WhatsApp Themes and Stickers

Not only because of its attractive appearance, but the app also has a variety of cool and fun sticker options. So you can make your chat more exciting.

8. Lock chats in WhatsApp Aero

The next feature not available on the official WhatsApp is the ability to lock private chats. With this app you can lock private chats so others who see or are curious can’t.

To be sure, private chats are locked and you don’t need an extra app. Using this app might be the right solution.

9. Filter incoming calls on WhatsApp Plus Aero WA

Some of you must be too lazy to answer WhatsApp calls from certain contacts, right? Of course, if you tried to stop the person directly, you would get mad, right?

Take it easy, you can fix the problem with this version of WhatsApp Mod. Because this app comes with a feature where users can filter incoming WhatsApp calls from certain contacts. It’s easy:

You just need to open Aero settings.

Then select Privacy and Settings.

Then choose who can contact me.

Please select one of the three options provided.

Then select All to receive WA calls only from your HP WA contacts.

Or you can also select NoBody to not answer WA calls from anyone’s WA contacts.

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