DUAL WhatsApp (DUAL WA) does offer a lot of cool features that make it an idol for many netizens. An example of the great feature of WhatsApp DUAL is the ability to have two accounts in one phone and read deleted messages.

Having two accounts on one phone is the mainstay of DUAL WhatsApp’s user appeal. These features don’t exist in original WhatsApp, so many people download DUAL WhatsApp (DUAL WA) to get countless of these features.

DUAL WhatsApp Download APK v21.53 Update Nov 2022

In this modern age, everyone is using communication media to stay connected, especially by chatting with each other. When we hear chat words, the word that comes to our mind is Whatsapp. Now, Whatsapp is the most used and most common chat application for chatting with each other and sharing media.

DUAL WhatsApp is also a modified version of Whatsapp with more features than official versions like FM WhatsApp. To talk more DUAL Whatsapp is the world’s hottest WhatsApp MOD for Internet Whatsapp MOD. It has won the hearts of millions all over the world. Millions of people are using DUAL Whatsapp APK to make their chat and communication more smooth and fun.

Why choose DUAL Whatsapp MOD APK?

There are many reasons to choose DUAL Whatsapp, but from my point of view, choosing DUAL Whatsapp 2022 APK will make your communication more unique and give you more unique features. Whatsapp has a lot of missing features which are covered in the latest 2022 DUAL Whatsapp APK.

It offers more features not available in the official WhatsApp. DUAL Whatsapp has more security and privacy protection features different from WhatsApp. Also, it makes your chats interesting and lively by applying new themes and fonts every day. Yes! Let’s share.

Feature List of DUAL WhatsApp APK 2022

  • new emoji
  • clean user interface
  • Customizable various themes
  • do not disturb mode
  • Share 50MB video
  • Shared 70MB audio
  • Highly customizable
  • Add stickers
  • Many animated stickers
  • lock chat
  • Contact Online Toast
  • anti-ban
  • hide last seen
  • hide blue tick
  • hide double tick

Some feature details of DUAL WhatsApp APK

Vivid themes, fonts

In the official WhatsApp, you will only see two themes or patterns available for your WhatsApp. The first is Light Mode, which is available in your WhatsApp by default. If you get bored with using it, you can switch to the second mode, dark mode. You only have two options to make your WhatsApp boring. In DUAL Whatsapp you will get hundreds of themed gifts in your WhatsApp list. Choose any theme you like with one click and apply it to your WhatsApp.

Privacy options

One of the great advantages of DUAL Whatsapp is the high privacy features in DUAL WA. It gives you a lot of shocking privacy features with which you can easily shock your friends. It provides you hide online status feature with which you can hide your activity status on WhatsApp. Also, you can hide your typing status, hide blue tick, hide double tick. Surprise your friends with these features. Also, strongly protect your privacy.

media sharing

Share unlimited media with DUAL Whatsapp. Everyone shares media with each other via whatsapp. But whatsapp limits your share by minimizing share capacity. But these flaws are eliminated by DUAL WA. You can share about 700 MB of video with your friends. Plus, you can share high-quality images to everyone without restrictions. So, if you need to share media for any reason, you can use DUAL Whatsapp MOD APK.


Many WhatsApp accounts have been banned in the past. But now with the latest Whatsapp APK updated version, no WhatsApp account will be banned in the future. For the most important function, Anti Ban now comes with built-in. So now all users can use DUAL Whatsapp APK 2022 safely.

How to download and install DUAL Whatsapp into your phone?

Now get DUAL Whatsapp APK with Modified Version of Whatsapp. To get DUAL Whatsapp is no big deal, no more clicks to do. Just check and click the download button given in the article and start downloading DUAL Whatsapp APK into your device. It will take a few minutes to complete the download. It all depends on the speed of the network, if it is high, it will be done quickly, on the contrary it will take some time. So be calm and wait for it to finish.

After a few minutes, it did. Then go to your file manager and look for the latest downloaded DUAL Whatsapp APK file. Click on it and start installing it on your phone. Before installing the APK, turn on Unknown Sources from your phone settings (Device > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources). After that, you are ready to install and use your final modified DUAL Whatsapp Apk.

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