Fake Chat WhatsApp Announcement

Fake Chat WhatsApp is a very interesting app that allows you to create a fake WhatsApp profile for your smartphone. If you are looking for a similar tool that is complete, efficient, easy to use and very realistic, you have found the perfect app for you.

Fake Chat WhatsApp

Fake Chat Whatsapp allows you to create a WhatsApp profile from scratch. The large number of elements you can control and edit make this app very realistic. First, you can edit your profile and contacts, give them a name, and add a profile picture to them.

You can create fake conversations by changing other people’s status to suit your needs. You can also send messages from your profile or your friends’ profiles and make them appear to have been read, viewed or just sent. You can also create fake WhatsApp, status or video calls.

Fake Chat WhatsApp is a very complete replacement for Whatsapp elements. This app is known for being so realistic and easy to use.

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