FM WhatsApp App Main Features

FM WhatsApp users have a widget called FMWA. The FMWA widget feature is last seen on or off. Users can easily manage the last seen content through this feature.

You can also choose from a variety of bubble and tick styles. There are emojis, ban certificates, and more.

FMWhatsApp has various themes. You can choose between these themes, for example the contacts screen automatically gets the theme color. You can preview entry styles. Dates can also be changed, and colors can be mentioned in the theme.

FM WhatsApp APK Download | FM WhatsApp Update August 2022 Latest Version

You can change the app launcher and notification icons in FMWhatsApp. You can click and copy a contact’s status, add up to 250 characters in the status field, and send a video up to 1GB in size.

We had issues with long-pressing the voice note button on WhatsApp, but in FMWhatsApp users can get rid of this problem as it takes voice notes with just one tap. Now you don’t have to hold and press the record button to record.

FM WhatsApp users can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts which is the most exciting feature.

Users can find a variety of premium emoji collections. A clean user interface is available.


Download FM WhatsApp Latest Version v9.69 APK.

Here I provide you the MOD APK. Download it.

Finally, you are in FM WhatsApp.

Now all you have to do is verify your mobile number.

How to make FM WhatsApp messages disappear by default?

Make FM WhatsApp messages disappear by default

Ready to make all messages in FM WhatsApp disappear automatically by default? Here’s how to change that setting:

Open FM WhatsApp and go to “Settings” in the bottom right corner

Select “Account”

Go to “Privacy”

Click “Default Message Timer” under Disappearing Messages

Choose how long you want to wait for messages to disappear: 24 hours, 7 days, 90 days, off

Leave the settings in FM WhatsApp and resume normal chatting

Based on the time setting you choose, any new messages will be set to disappear automatically.

Again, this is not the same as simply enabling disappearing messages for a specific FM WhatsApp conversation, as it applies universally to all conversations

FM WhatsApp APK Download | FM WhatsApp Update August 2022 Latest Version

How to install FM WhatsApp on Android?

First, download the latest version of FMWhatsApp or your favorite version via the download button above.

Navigate to your phone’s settings and in the security section turn on or allow installation of apps from unknown sources. If you’ve done this before, just skip this step and continue to step 3 below.

Find the folder where the FMWhatsApp APK is saved and click to install it.

Wait for the process to complete. Once done, open the FM WhatsApp app and enter your phone number to get started.

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