FMWhatsApp shopping function released

FMWhatsApp has quickly become a store counter for everyone to discuss products and coordinate sales. Catalogs provide a quick overview of goods and services and organize conversations about specific items. As more and more shopping happens through conversations, we want to make buying and selling easier.

FMWhatsApp shopping function

We are excited to introduce the shopping cart feature on FMWhatsApp from today. Shopping carts are a great feature for stores that sell multiple products at once, such as your local restaurant or clothing store. With a shopping cart, people can browse the catalog, select multiple items, and send the entire message to the merchant in a single message. This makes it easier for merchants to track order inquiries, manage customer requests, and complete sales.

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People like Agradaya, a sustainable herbal and spice business based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, tried out the shopping cart feature early and told us that shopping carts are very convenient and know what they want to order without having to go back and forth with customers all the time.

Using the shopping cart is easy. Just find the item you want and click “Add to Cart”. Once done, the cart can then be sent to the merchant via message. More details on using the shopping cart here.

Starting today, the shopping cart feature will be available globally, just in time for the festive season. Happy shopping on FMWhatsApp!

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