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Are you an influencer looking for better ways to spread your content? Try an app that provides a safe public channel. If you’ve been using Telegram’s channels and starting to rethink their privacy protocols, it’s time for you to switch. Whatever rumours you hear on social media about Telegram’s privacy protocol are true! Telegram chats do have zero encryption, which means all your data is monitored and kept on their servers. The good news is that there are other secure apps that use strong encryption. Fouad WhatsApp Messenger is one such app. If you are an influencer, then Fouad WhatsApp could be your best Telegram channel alternative. How could this be? Let’s find out in this article.

Fouad WhatsApp is the best Telegram channel alternative?

Why switch to Fouad WhatsApp app

Telegram has been considered a secure messaging app since its launch in 2013. The app is considered a secure VoIP app that cannot be blocked by third parties. Recently, however, users have begun to doubt its privacy protocol. Telegram has been proven not to encrypt your data. That being said, all users’ messages and calls are automatically saved on Telegram’s servers. According to encryption and security experts, “Telegram suffers from extensive security issues and lives up to its manifesto as a safe and secure messaging app.” In addition, Edward Snowden, president of freedom of the press, has publicly criticized Telegram for owning Insecure and censorable public channels.

What Fouad WhatsApp Public Channels Offer

Fouad WhatsApp public channel just provides all the necessities for influencers, content creators and social activists to grow their audience rapidly. As a public channel, you will be able to connect with your audience in a variety of ways. You can send text, images, videos, large files, PDFs, documents, and even podcasts and playlists!

Here are some of the technical features Fouad WhatsApp offers influencers

Allow/Block your followers to message you or call you for free

You will be able to see how many likes and dislikes your posts have gotten

Add other admins to help you manage your channel

Delete your channel anytime

When you post in a channel, notifications will be sent using your channel name instead of your phone number

As the channel owner, you get a unique channel external link that you can share with anyone

You can archive files, documents and links you share on your channel

Here are some of the amazing features that Fouad WhatsApp channel offers its users

Follow the biggest trends in the online world

Follow and interact with your favorite influencers

Call and message channel owners directly via Fouad WhatsApp

Receive premium content anytime, anywhere

Express your likes or dislikes

Enjoy an ad-free, spam-free environment

Mute channel notifications for up to one day, then unmute anytime

Fouad WhatsApp public channels offer features that Telegram doesn’t

Fouad WhatsApp is the best Telegram channel alternative?

Fouad WhatsApp works in VoIP blocked countries

First of all, the most notable feature of Fouad WhatsApp is that it works in countries where VoIP services are blocked. So, if you’re an influencer, you can feel confident about your engagement rate because your content will impact the world. As for Telegram, not everyone can use the app. The Telegram app is blocked in several countries, including Russia and Iran. So, as an influencer, choosing the right app for anywhere is crucial!

Fouad WhatsApp has like and dislike buttons

As an influencer, it is also very important to receive honest feedback on your content. The presence of like and dislike buttons is an important signal for content creators. Fouad WhatsApp is different from Telegram in that users can choose to like or dislike anything the influencer shares with their followers. This feature is a great opportunity for you as an influencer to discover the content you want the most. By knowing the number of likes and dislikes, the influencer will know what to post next. Having said that, as an influencer, you will know which type of content is more engaging and which followers are more interested in.

Fouad WhatsApp allows voice calls and private messaging with influencers

As a Fouad WhatsApp user, you have the opportunity to call and text your favorite channel owners for free! This is a great opportunity for die-hard fans to communicate privately with their favorite influencers. However, you may find that not all Fouad WhatsApp channels have the option, as influencers can enable and disable texting and calling options at any time. In contrast, Telegram does not have this option. Users cannot initiate voice calls directly with channel owners. Telegram only allows its followers to provide basic contact information, such as email or website addresses.

Fouad WhatsApp channels are not censored and encrypted

As mentioned, in some countries, Telegram censors public channels, and some governments use the app to track users’ conversations. As an influencer, you don’t want your content removed just for irrelevant reasons. Also, you don’t want third parties to interfere with your content. To ensure better privacy and encryption, you can switch to the Fouad WhatsApp app. With the Fouad WhatsApp app, every action you take is safe and secure. Why? Because Fouad WhatsApp uses advanced encryption methods. With Fouad WhatsApp, all your text messages and calls are encrypted by default.

If you’re looking for the best app for creating public channels, you should consider Telegram’s potential pitfalls. Also, always aim for the safest app before you plan to launch a public channel. Apps like Fouad WhatsApp can be used anywhere in the world.

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