Fouad WhatsApp Apk is part of a chain of modified and updated versions of Whatsapp while performing many advanced functions. You can chat with your friends and family with a variety of privacy and security features.

The most famous communication app is developed by the talented team of FouadMODS developers. The latest version of the app supports Android devices with version 5.1 or above. Some new improvements and bug fixes have been added in the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp . The fairly stable messaging app takes up only 52MB of storage and offers a lot of great features.

Fouad WhatsApp V11.3.7 Download Official Nov 2022

Fouad WhatsApp latest version features

  • New Android Oreo emoji and other fun stickers
  • Do Not Disturb feature
  • Add effects to image and video files before sending
  • Send up to 100 documents or files at once and have no download issues either.
  • Not only your contacts but also unknown numbers can be dialed.
  • Select the group for which you want to enable automatic media download.
  • Save other stories and pinned chats on your phone.
  • Hide the last you saw, the blue tick, the second tick, etc.

Lock your private chat
The app provides the ability to hide exclusive chats from your chat screen. Tap on the Fouad Whatsapp icon on the main screen of the app. Enter your PIN or fingerprint and hide your chats. Again, enter the security code and access your private chats. Just click the three dots in the side corner of the chat and select the “Unhide Chat” option.

Anti-ban system
Multiple people don’t want to download for Whatsapp mod because they may be banned from official Whatsapp. But times have changed now, and developers have been busy working on anti-ban systems for mods. The system protects apps from bans and provides you with unlimited entertainment.

Fouad theme
A built-in theme store with over 50 themes you can use to customize your app. You can download and install themes for free online. Themes in .xml extension format for uploading and installing to your application. Save current themes and restore them when needed using the phone storage’s customization and settings features. You can also reset the default settings to use a custom theme.

Select the contact to call
The audio/video calling option is one of the most revolutionary, but sometimes it irritates us. When someone keeps calling you and interrupting your other important activities. This feature allows you to prevent this person from calling you. Open Settings Click My Contacts > Except My Contacts > Select Contacts > Nobody. No-one option blocks all calls and makes you feel free.

Create a backup copy
The application does not support Google Drive, so the default backup is not activated. You can create your own backup using the Titanium Backup feature provided by Fouad Whatsapp. Save the created backup copy in your phone’s storage and restore it whenever you need it. To access backups, you must click Mod Settings>Universal>Backup and Restore.

Share unlimited high-quality videos and photos
Forget about reducing the size and quality of videos or images in the official app. Download Fouad Whatsapp and share high quality videos and images with your friends and family. The latest version lets you share 1 GB files, 10 images, and more. Before sending the photo to your contacts, you can choose to edit some basic parts of the photo.

Disable multiple features
In the official app, you cannot use any tricks to protect your privacy. You must follow all privacy features provided by the original privacy features. Conversely, with Fouad Whatsapp you can disable multiple unwanted features such as;

  • Hide your online status
  • Hide typing or recording status
  • Remove retweet tag from message to share again
  • hide view state
  • Hide double ticks or blue ticks
  • Avatar customization

You can set a profile picture by choosing a picture for your chat screen. Click on the line and get the background of the application. Check the styles for the sections, then set them. You can change it by selecting the settings picture next to the bubble. It will be set on all bubbles without any number limit. Additionally, line shading is available when accessing the chat screen. You can customize the hatch by selecting a tab to underline the hatch.

undelete message or status
You can enable the feature and undo others from deleting messages and statuses before watching. Anti-view Once is another cool feature that allows you to view unlimited images or videos without restrictions.

Go to “General” settings and change the color of different things like background, status bar, navigation bar, chat divider, etc. Manage font styles, emoji variants, launcher icons, and change notification icon options in general settings. If you don’t want to transfer multimedia files to your phone’s gallery, just tap on the contact name, click “No” from the media visibility options, and feel cool.

choose your language
Multilingual support enables users to choose the language they understand. You can choose Azerbaijani and Portuguese as alternative languages ​​for Brazilian. The basic application runs in Arabic.

How to update Fouad WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have an in-app update feature. You must be notified about the release of a new version of the application. A few things are important before updating your application. You need to create backup copies and ensure the stability of your network connection. Update your phone if needed and start downloading the updated version of the app. If anything goes wrong, just uninstall some unimportant apps and reinstall the updated version.

Error downloading Fouad WhatsApp
Fouad Whatsapp download and installation is as easy as other modules. If you have some problems downloading the app. You need to check the following;

First, check “Unknown Sources” and enable them.
Next, check that the OS version meets the requirements for the latest version of the application.
If the device is of an older version, it is best to update your device and then download the app.
How to Check Fouad Whatsapp Working Error
First check your device’s settings, is it approved in your country?
If the app is not available for your device, the manufacturer company will approve the app for your device.
Reset app permissions.
Make sure the internet connection is stable as the application requires a strong network.
Check the app specs as the app is not supported on older device versions.

Last words

The overall demo proves that Fouad Whatsapp is an awesome and handy app with tons of new and wonderful features. It is perfect compared to any other popular Whatsapp mode like GB Whatsapp. You can change everything with customization options and make the look of the app however you want.

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