fouad whatsapp apk Introduction:

fouad whatsapp apk 

Size: 52.6MB

Platform: Android

Version: 19.60.1

Type: Social apps

Language: English

Time: July 2022

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Fouad WhatsApp is one of WhatsApp’s most popular APKs. It was developed by Fouad Mokdad, This module is similar to other modules in that it lets you customize your old interface with different wallpapers, themes, and fonts. Fouad WhatsApp also helps you improve security with an app lock with a customizable password.

Fouadwhatsapp apk

Please note that many websites are sharing malware applications, but all FM WhatsApp apks we share are professionally reviewed and virus-free, so we encourage you to download only from the following link. So your device will not be infected!

Some differences between Fouad WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are as follows:

With the latest version of FM WhatsApp, you can access a large number of themes, wallpapers, fonts, and even interface modifications. You can personalize your messaging application with various customization options. How cool? They are also free. WhatsApp has updated new functions, so don’t worry about old and boring topics? It even has more fashionable fonts. No matter what the problem is, FM WhatsApp can solve it.

Each application provides customized functions that are not provided by conventional WhatsApp applications. Compared with Fouad WhatsApp, when using fmwhatsapp, you can change the color of the WhatsApp dialog. In addition, you can change the appearance and settings of applications and settings by selecting a theme. The theme store has hundreds of themes for you to choose from.

The regular WhatsApp application provides excellent functions for sharing media in FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. But there are some restrictions, such as sharing only 30 pictures and up to 16MB of videos at a time. FM WhatsApp’s capabilities go beyond these limitations. FM WhatsApp allows users to share 60 pictures and data files larger than 700MB at a time through third-party applications. You can send up to 10 images simultaneously in Fouad WhatsApp, with a maximum file size of 52 MB.

How to easily make the decision between FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp?

You can change any version as needed. How does the original program compare to the newer version you are looking for? You may want to consider using it instead. When you talk to someone online, is it important for you to remain anonymous to your other contacts? Take advantage of applications that allow you to remain anonymous. Take a moment to try these two versions and see which one best suits your preferences and needs.