Entrance and Traffic Allocation

To determine where a feature fits into the overall product, simply look at its entry point and traffic distribution. On Fouad Whatsapp, chat is placed in the top right corner of the very clean home page (Feed page).

The feed is definitely the highest PV page, and this page is very clean. with no distractions other than the feed and Story, which allows the chat button to gain full user attention. Not only that, the chat page can also be accessed directly from the home page by swiping left, greatly shortening the path.

Fouad WhatsApp
Fouad WhatsApp

Of course, things are not that simple. To further increase the usage of chat, ins combines Story’s comments with chat, users comment under their friends’ Story. And the content of the comments will directly enter the conversation as chat content, which nicely directs Story users to chat and greatly promotes the interaction between friends.

In the chat page, online users will have a highlighted avatar box, online green dots and online text prompts. This highlighted avatar box is similar to the highlighted effect on Story and has a strong behavioral call to action. The intent of so many prompts is also quite obvious, that you want to socialize and have more conversations.

Chat Module

In contrast to the WeChat chat interface, the most obvious difference is that there is less distracting content in the interface.

On the one hand, only the other person’s avatar is displayed, not your own, which is actually more in line with the real-life conversation scenario where we are looking at each other’s faces and talking, and there is no mirror for us to see ourselves at the same time.

On the other hand, the timeline information is also hidden to the left slide before it can be displayed, and only chats that span a long time will show the time, reducing information interference and lowering social anxiety. On WeChat, if the other party replies quickly and I reply slowly, the reply shows the time and I always feel anxious. ins’ design actually weakens the social pressure brought by the reply speed.

Fouad WhatsApp
Fouad WhatsApp

Chat Background

One feature that amazed me was the chat background setting. The chat bubble and background style can be adjusted, and not only that, my friend and I were surprised to find that this setting is actually synchronized! This means that if I change the bubble to yellow, the other person’s bubble will also change to yellow. This is a very romantic feature.

There are also a lot of brilliant designs on voice chat, such as when you long press the voice button, a lock button will appear above, after dragging your hand to the lock button, you can let go of your hand for voice, no need to keep pressing the voice button, perfect for long voice use.

Clean retraction

Unlike WeChat’s withdrawals, which leave a trace of “xxx withdrew a message”, FW withdrawals are completely unmarked, which reflects the importance of the “no-pressure” concept in ins chat, and the authenticity of the history needs to give way to it. The authenticity of history needs to give way to it.

Read and Burn

Not only did it borrow from Snapchat’s Story, but it also incorporates post-incineration into the chat.

Swiping up in the chat box puts you in Burn After Reading mode, where all conversations disappear after you leave them. Pictures and videos taken during a chat can only be viewed once, and cannot be reopened afterwards. Any screenshots taken during a chat will be explicitly displayed in the conversation log.

The main purpose of read-and-burn is to reduce social pressure and allow users to share and communicate more boldly. It also fits the mapping of realistic scenarios, where no information is kept in realistic chats.

In normal mode (not post-view mode), pictures and videos can also be shared in “view only once”, “allow view back” (disappear after two views), and “keep in conversation ” mode.