GB WhatsApp is an alternative or modified version of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is created by third-party developers who want to build on WhatsApp. Its purpose is to give its users the same experience as WhatsApp, but with extra features that the original WhatsApp didn’t have.

These features include using dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device, hiding message flags, auto-replies (as seen with WhatsApp Business accounts), long video status, and more.

GB WhatsApp V27.97 Download Official Nov 2022


GBWhatsapp has many features that normal whatsapp may not have. It has privacy and customization features unlike any other WhatsApp. gbwhatsapp has applock function and profile zoom function, I don’t know what function it has

  • Key Features of GBWhatsApp
  • Support calls.
  • Emoji Changer!
  • Zoom profile footage.
  • Privacy Mode: Hide “Last Seen”.
  • Theme mods and theme servers (download/apply themes).
  • Fixed tick/bubble fashion mod.
  • Counter statistics for the group.
  • Media preview without loading.
  • Show online/last seen in home screen.
  • Image sending increased from 10 to 90.
  • Ability to link on chat screen without saving sender category or cluster admin category.
  • Being able to press the link of your friend’s status effortlessly.
  • Identify opportunities for traditional and broadcast messages.
  • Hide name and date when copying to another chat user.
  • Copy and paste states.

What’s New in GB WhatsApp

This is the latest version of GB WhatsApp, which has added a lot of new features in November this year, and fixed many bugs that may have existed in the previous version. This version is slightly better.. and has quite stable version and performance is also good in this version.

GB WhatsApp Changelog

  • Add preview image/video without saving to phone
  • Added repost option for stories/status
  • Added .zip file now created by FMWA backup
  • Added selection of default “translate to” language in convos (FMMods > Universal > Settings). Fewer steps, faster translation
  • Added option to save after previewing image/video (3 dots > save to gallery)
  • Enable create polls and group polls
  • The now fixed FMWA backup will persist even after uninstalling whatsapp mod.
  • Fixed a crash on the message scheduler page on some phones
  • Improved FMWA backups now moved to Storage/Documents folder
  • Improved “Themes” in settings to avoid issues. Use the moon/sun icon in the home screen.
  • Improved Anti-Ban
  • Moved translation options settings to FMMods > Universal > Settings
  • Others enjoy and discover for yourself!
  • Other fixes and improvements

how to install

To install gbwhatsapp, you must first select the package name. GBWhatsapp . Now you have to decide which pack you want to use. You can do all three packs if you want, since you have three numbers now you have to download and then install.


Updating gbwhatsapp is easy to download the same package name gb whatsapp apk after that click on the apk and install. Important things before updating gbwhatsapp Be sure to backup before updating, if there is a problem with the update, then your chats will not be lost.

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