Gbwhatsapp chat encryption backup function release

Gbwhatsapp is based on a simple idea: the content you share with friends and family should be visible only to you and the other party. Three years ago, we added end-to-end encryption as the default setting, and now we protect more than 100billion messages from more than 2 billion users every day.

Gbwhatsapp chat encrypted backup

Although the end-to-end encrypted messages you send and receive will be saved on your device, many people still want to back up the chat to prevent the loss of your mobile phone. From today on, we will provide an additional layer of optional security protection for backups stored in Google drive or icloud through end-to-end encryption. No other large-scale global communication service provides such a level of security for users’ messages, media, voice messages, video calls and chat backups.

Now, you can protect end-to-end encrypted backups with your own password or a 64 bit encryption key that only you know. Neither gbwhatsapp nor the backup service provider can read your backup, nor can they get the key needed to unlock it.

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Our user base has exceeded 2billion people, and we are very happy to provide them with more choices to protect privacy. We will gradually introduce this feature to users who have installed the latest version of gbwhatsapp. You can learn more about protecting chat backups on IOS and Android through end-to-end encryption here, and how we can implement this build here.

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