GBWhatsApp feature – can only be viewed once

While taking photos or videos with our phones has become such an important part of our lives, not everything we share needs to be kept forever. On many phones, taking a photo means it stays there forever, taking up storage space.

GBWhatsApp feature

That’s why we’re launching today a new GBWhatsApp feature “view only once” for photos and videos that disappear from conversations once they’re turned on for viewing, giving users more control over their privacy.

Like you’re trying on new clothes in a store, a momentary feeling about a moment in your life, or sensitive information like your Wi-Fi password, you might choose to send a “view-only” photo.

Like all personal information you send on GBWhatsApp, “view only” photos and videos are protected by end-to-end encryption, so GBWhatsApp cannot see them. They are also clearly marked with a “disposable” icon.

After the user has viewed these photos or videos, the message will appear as “opened” to avoid any interruptions to the chat at the time.

Starting this week, we’re rolling out this feature to all users. We look forward to your feedback on this new way to send private photos and videos that disappear automatically.

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