How businesses can easily do business on FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has become a business platform used by consumers and businesses around the world. Whether mom-and-pop shops or Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all sizes now rely on FMWhatsApp to help customers.

How businesses can easily do business on FMWhatsApp

In the same way that FMWhatsApp has made it possible for people to communicate seamlessly with family and friends, we hope to make the business challenges we once faced a thing of the past. That means no more waiting on the phone, no more website downtime, and no more worrying about whether someone will read it after sending an email.

To date, we have helped millions of businesses improve their services through FMWhatsApp. Bringing FMWhatsApp to every business that wants to provide customers with a fast, convenient and reliable way to communicate is our next goal.

New FMWhatsApp cloud-based API available to all businesses and developers

How businesses can easily do business on FMWhatsApp

We will take a major step forward in the use of FMWhatsApp by offering free secure cloud hosting services from Meta to businesses of all sizes around the world. With the new API, the upfront setup time has been reduced from months to minutes, making it easy for businesses and developers to use our services quickly and easily. Content can also be created directly on FMWhatsApp to further personalize the customer experience and speed up responses. customer speed. These services also eliminate expensive server fees for our partners and give them immediate access to new features. Businesses can sign up directly or partner with any of our enterprise solution providers to get started.

Brand new features in the FMWhatsApp Business app for fast-growing businesses

How businesses can easily do business on FMWhatsApp

Over the past few years, we’ve seen how small businesses have grown through FMWhatsApp, and at the same time, we wanted to provide them with an additional tool of support. We expect many businesses will continue to use the FMWhatsApp Business app, but some may wish to use the cloud-based API. We’re also constantly working to develop advanced capabilities for these businesses to expand their operations beyond just a few people, further increasing the brand’s online presence. For example, conversations can be managed across up to 10 devices to better handle large numbers of conversations. We will also offer a new customizable FMWhatsApp “click to talk” link, allowing businesses to engage customers through their web presence. We plan to make these additional optional features available for a fee in the FMWhatsApp Business app as part of the new Premium service. More details will be shared in the future.

By supporting business in these new ways, our values ​​of customer-business dialogue remain unchanged. The customer is in control of the conversation with the business, and the business can only send a message to the customer if they ask to be contacted.

We hope people will enjoy talking to more of their favorite businesses via FMWhatsApp, and are eager to see how new businesses can build, grow and thrive.


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