To make sure to back up your chats before restoring on a new Android device:

Open WhatsApp > More Options > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

Choose the Google Account you’d like to back up your chats to. …

Click Backup.

With the recent leap in messaging technology, more and more people rely on text messages. In terms of user base, WhatsApp has gained a significant influence over other similar products. Over one billion people actively use the service to communicate each month. However, being number one doesn’t bring the features offered by less popular competitors. We still have strict limits on the file size that is allowed to be sent or the maximum number of people in a group. Such restrictions may limit your leisure or work experience while messaging.

Is it safe to use mods?

One of the questions asked by many users is whether this mod is safe to use. Without a doubt, this mod is absolutely safe to use. You can download FM WhatsApp on any Android phone and use this version safely.

As you know, in the official messenger you can only message 5 people. Also, you can have stunning themes, animations and other types of attractive wallpapers. You can apply it in the chat background or change the colors of the entire layout and interface of the app. However, one thing you will have is that you can also delete sent messages. This is one of the most useful options in the tool because sometimes we send texts by mistake. You must use this option if you send any error messages or embarrassing video or audio files.

Bring more privacy?

It allows you to pause or freeze the chat so the sender doesn’t get the message he’s seen in the text he sent you. People’s lives are so busy that they usually don’t have time to reply. Therefore, the developers added an auto-reply option for such users. So, now add an auto-reply and it will automatically forward to those who text you. If you want to use the internet but don’t want to be visible on WhatsApp, you can use the sleep mode option. In sleep mode, your messenger goes to sleep and does not use the internet. This is how you can stay offline only on TM WhatsApp Apk.

Basic Features

In this part, I have figured out some basic functions. Therefore, it will help you to differentiate between the official product and the modified version of the software. However, you can have the opportunity to explore more amazing options to install it on your Android device, but for now, let’s take a look at these mentioned features here.

· You have an automatic reply option.

· This is a free app that you can use without paying a penny.

· Tons of stunning animations, themes and wallpapers to apply.

· You can have a colorful and user-friendly interface.

· You can send audio files and video files up to 100MB in size.

· It also allows you to forward 100 documents instead of the official 30.

· If you are uploading a video story, you can upload a video of up to 7 minutes.

· Broadcast chat option.

· You can copy your friend’s status from your contact list.

· By installing the latest Mod Apk in this article, you can enjoy more features.

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