After downloading FM WhatsApp, go to settings and here you will see the option for the main/chat screen, click on it. Click on the “Contact Online Toast” option. After this, you select the contacts whose presence information you want to obtain.

FMWhatsApp APK is one of the best modified versions of the original app developed by Fouad Mokdad or Fouad Mods. It is an improved and updated version. Due to the popularity of WA, app developers have modified and customized this Android app in a more user-friendly and enjoyable way.

Amazingly, you can create a group by inviting up to 500 people. The FMWhatsApp app helps you make group chats, audio and video calls to hang out with people. So you can easily connect and communicate with known and unknown people.

You don’t have to worry about the security of the FM WhatsApp app. It is 100% safe for Android users. This app is free of malware, viruses, bugs, bloatware and threats as the app’s permissions are regularly updated and upgraded.

Also, you won’t lose data and information because everything is encrypted. So, without a doubt, you can install the app. The modification of the latest version of FMWhatsApp is similar to that of Fouad. You might be surprised to find that there are very few differences between the two apps.

More or less both provide the same functionality.

Several Features of FMWhatsApp

Freeze Last Appearance: You can disable yourself completely or some people online if you want. It helps to customize the last seen option. If someone finds you online and shows the freeze time. Regular Whatsapp doesn’t have this feature. For example, let’s say you freeze at 12.12 pm, but your actual online time is 2.35, if you freeze it shows 12.12 pm. So you are online and no one knows.

Hide Status: Hide View Status, Enter and Record Action Text & Sent, and Blue Tricks, Double Tricks, etc.

Customize with attractive wallpapers, fonts and themes in this FM WhatsApp APK.

You can send messages to numbers you have previously communicated with without having to save any numbers in your contacts list.

Choose who can call you and who can’t. You can do this to get rid of unwanted and unpleasant voice messages and phone calls.

Undelete status and messages. You can chat with friends who have deleted chats, here you can choose to view deleted chats.

Various files can be transferred up to 50 MB, such as images, videos, PDFs, etc. (videos up to 1 GB are sent).

Both the original and modified apps can use one device at the same time.

FMWhatsApp has excellent privacy, security and advanced operation not found in the original version. It is popular for its privacy. The most useful app for everyone, original or not.

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