As a tool that we never leave our bodies, mobile phones have transformed our social interaction from reality to the Internet. Tools such as WhatsApp have made our chatting and communication a lot easier. Here we have compiled the modified version of the most popular dating app. I hope Everyone can like it.

Fouad WhatsApp

Among them, Fouad WhatsApp is the most popular, and it meets everyone’s needs. You can follow celebrity trends, the latest social news, and the hottest events on the Internet, all of which can be seen. The user group is huge. You can write what you see, hear, and think into a sentence, or send a picture. You can share with your friends anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone, share and discuss together; you can also follow your friends and see the information posted by your friends in real time.

Fouad WhatsApp can share, scan the QR code and shake it. People nearby can add friends, locate, shop, read the official account, pay and so on. The powerful functions are covered in one APP, saving a lot of trouble. Necessary software downloads.

Get to know people nearby and help expand your communication range, not only in the circle of acquaintances. You can meet people you are interested in at any time and anywhere.

Fouad WhatsApp is a social app that provides a new interactive mode based on big data intelligent recommendation. According to more than a dozen pieces of information such as common hobbies, common friends, and places where users have passed by together, it calculates and pushes matching people to help users meet new friends who have a good impression of each other.


How to set a password on Fouad WhatsApp?

Log in to Fouad WhatsApp and click me.

Then click Settings.

Then click Account & Security.

Go to Account and Security, and click Mobile Number.

Click for authentication code.

Enter the verification code received on your phone, enter a new password, and click Finish.

The page will pop up that your password has been changed.

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