How to add friends on GBWhatsapp?

How to add friends to GBWhatsapp? How to add foreign friends to GBWhatsapp? GBWhatsapp is an instant messaging software under Facebook, a cross-platform chat application, which is as popular abroad as WeChat.

GBWhatsapp can easily chat with friends at home and abroad, and its functions are similar to WeChat in China.

First, make sure that you have the phone number of the other party and that the other party has installed the GBWhatsapp application. If not, you can register first and then invite friends to GBWhatsapp download and register.

Here is a demo of the iPhone version of the client.

How to add friends on GBWhatsapp?
  1. Currently GBWhatsapp only supports mobile phone registration. After registration, you can access the address book and find “Personal Collection”. The editor chooses to invite from “Personal Collection” instead of directly from “Address Book” because this invitation method can be invited in batches , you can only invite a single invitation from the “Address Book”, choose your appropriate method to invite.

If no one has been added before, it will be blank, click on the blue font in the underground “Invite friends to use GBWhatsapp”

  1. Then it will read your address book, there are 4 invitation methods, the editor here chooses the “information” method to invite. The “Mail” method will automatically filter the contacts with email addresses for you; “Twitter” is to send an invitation to download tweets; “Sina Weibo” is to send a one-day invitation to download Weibo. Choose your own suitable way to invite friends.
  2. Tick in front of the contact to indicate selection, and then send an invitation.
  3. The invitation link will be sent to friends by SMS
  4. After installing and registering GBWhatsapp, friends will see you in the personal collection interface, indicating that the addition is successful.

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