Reinstall the app or reopen the app

On your Android phone or tablet, open the download link.

On the right, click the profile icon.

Click Manage apps and devices. manage.

Select the application you want to install or open. If you can’t find the app, tap Installed at the top. Not Installed.

Click Install or Enable.

The first may be that the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet, you must make sure that the signal of the mobile data network connection is good and has been successfully connected to the network. Try opening a web page from your phone’s browser to see if the network is up.

The second point may be application failure: Generally speaking, the probability of Yo WhatsApp software failure is still very well known. If you encounter software upgrades or maintenance, you may not be able to connect to the Internet, so everyone just needs to wait for the official update and repair. normal connection.

In addition, it should be noted that it can only be used when the mobile phone has traffic, and WIFI cannot be used. You can turn off the WIFI and try it. If the WIFI is turned off and still cannot be used, turn on the airplane mode, then turn on the data flow, and try again in a few minutes. a bit.

How to Force Install Android App Yo WhatsApp?

How to add to Yo WhatsApp in india?

1. Please make sure your friends also have Yo WhatsApp installed on their phone devices.

2. Double-check that your friend’s phone number has been correctly entered into your phone’s address book.

3. If this is an international phone number, please do not use any prefix 0 or end code. Start with a + sign, then enter the country code, then the phone number.

4. Open Yo WhatsApp and refresh your Favorites section, on Yo WhatsApp for Android this page is called Yo WhatsApp Contacts.

How to Force Install Android App Yo WhatsApp?

If the contacts in your phone address book are already Yo WhatsApp users, they will be displayed in the favorites section (select contacts page for Android phones), in Yo WhatsApp, you can only chat with contacts who are Yo WhatsApp users, For those who don’t have Yo WhatsApp installed, you can send them an invitation to use Yo WhatsApp.

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