FM WhatsApp has a feature called Archive Folder which allows users to ignore groups or friends without blocking them. This feature will help users hide chats from people you don’t want to see or reply to.

hide someone on FM WhatsApp

How to note phone number on FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is not just a social software, it has penetrated into every detail of our life, and it has many functions. Now I will share how to note phone calls on FM WhatsApp.

1. Prepare your FM WhatsApp account and enter the main interface of FM WhatsApp

2. Select the FM WhatsApp of the friend you want to note, and open the chat window

3. Click the icon with the three dots in the upper right

4. Then select the avatar on the top left

5. Jump to the page and click the icon at the top right again

6. Check “Device Notes and Labels”

7. You can remark the phone number

Hide someone’s chat window on FM WhatsApp?

How to hide FM WhatsApp chat window? Let’s find out together

Open the FM WhatsApp message interface and find the chat object you want to hide

Swipe left, you will see a hidden option in the middle

We click once, it will remind again not to display the chat

Click again and the chat dialog will disappear

If you want to retrieve the hidden chat window, you need to go back to the contact interface

Then in search, enter the name of the contact you want to retrieve

Then enter the dialog box with him, enter a message, and click Send

Return to the message interface again, you can see his chat dialog box

hide someone on FM WhatsApp

How to send mass messages on FM WhatsApp?

How to send mass messages on FM WhatsApp, making it faster and more convenient for you to send messages!

Open FM WhatsApp, click “Me” in the lower right corner, and then click “Settings”

Then click “General”

Then click “Function”

Then click on “Broadcast Assistant”

Then click “Start Mass Posting”

Click “New Group” to send your message

How to quickly @ someone in a FM WhatsApp group?

1. Open FM WhatsApp on your mobile phone, click on the address book, and find the group chat at the top of the address book, which is full of FM WhatsApp groups.

2. Select a FM WhatsApp group in the group chat, click to enter, I chose a FM WhatsApp group with a lot of people.

3. After clicking in, for example, if I want to @ this person, I will directly find the chat record about him.

4. Then long press on his avatar for a few seconds, and @ this person’s nickname will pop up directly in the input box below.

5. Another common method is to directly enter @ in the input box, and then it will pop up to let you choose the person to reply.

6. After finding this person in the group, click on him, and @his nickname will be displayed in the input box, and you have successfully @to someone.

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