To hide the last viewed status on GB WhatsApp GB, first launch GB WhatsApp and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Just look for “Hide Online Status” in the menu.

How to hide WhatsApp status in GB?

Would you consider deleting GB WhatsApp?

If you use GB WhatsApp, I believe that you may have recently found a message on your mobile phone asking you to agree to its new privacy policy before February 8th.

In fact, GB WhatsApp announced an update to its privacy policy on January 7th. When users start using GB WhatsApp, a new policy notice will appear. The new policy is to force users to agree to share their account information with Facebook, the parent company of GB WhatsApp. users need to press “Agree” on the notification, otherwise they will no longer be able to use GB WhatsApp from February 8th.

How to hide WhatsApp status in GB?

However, it is reported that GB WhatsApp has exempted users from EU countries and the United Kingdom because GB WhatsApp is worried that they will be punished for violating the data protection regulations of EU countries, so it allows users in European countries to obtain exemptions, and this decision has also been accused of Invading privacy and causing dissatisfaction from a large number of users. Is there any choice and inspiration for GB WhatsApp users this time? One of the hosts, Mr. Luo Zhengyong, explained the relevant situation and answered questions from the audience.

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