It is illegal to invade privacy when someone monitors communication. However, in some cases, reading others’ information is useful and important. It is a common practice for parents to monitor their children’s communications on online messenger services. So that they can understand their interests or intervene when they encounter dangerous people. So today, I will tell you how to know who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp.

The first question after wondering who someone is talking to on WhatsApp is, is this possible? The answer to this question is yes, it is possible. With a few simple steps and a little effort, you can see and find out who someone is chatting with on WhatsApp.

Why do you do this?

It is very important for parents to pay attention to their children. Parents must constantly monitor their children’s conversations to ensure their safety and keep them away from harmful or dangerous activities and people.

You can also use this method to see if your partner is loyal. If they don’t talk to others behind your back.

How to know who chats with children on WhatsApp

To find out who someone is chatting with on WhatsApp, you need to get together and examine everything carefully. In addition to breaking the law, it will also greatly damage reputation and interpersonal relationships. The tracking system must be invisible and will not stop until the child’s infidelity or dangerous relationship is identified.

I will show you two ways that you can easily know who the person you want to know is talking to on WhatsApp behind you. The process is simple and easy.

How to learn through WhatsApp web on pc/ laptop

All you need to do is follow these simple steps and pay close attention to the people you want to monitor.

Turn on your computer / laptop.

In the browser, search WhatsApp web. Open it from the official website.

Now, open the phone of the person you want to monitor.

Open their WhatsApp.

In the upper right corner, click three points. Some options appear. Click the WhatsApp page.

The QR code scanner appears.

Scan the code that appears on the PC.

This person’s WhatsApp will open on your pc/ laptop.

Understand through application

Another way to pay close attention is through applications. Follow me.

Turn on your mobile phone.

Go to the play store, search whatscan for web 2022 in the search bar and download it.

After downloading the application, open it.

The QR code will appear.

Turn on the phone of the person you want to monitor.

Scan the QR code, and their WhatsApp will open on your phone.

Now you can monitor them through your mobile phone.

Now, you can easily know who this person is talking to on WhatsApp.

common problem

Can you find someone to talk to on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can find out who someone is talking to on WhatsApp. You can do this by opening their WhatsApp accounts on your PC, laptop and mobile device through WhatsApp web and an application called whatscan for web 2021.


People always worry about the safety of their relatives. Especially children who use WhatsApp messenger. They want to pay close attention to them to see if they are safe and away from dangerous people or behaviors. Similarly, people care about their partners, whether they are loyal or not.

So they want to know who they talk to on WhatsApp. You can do this through the WhatsApp website. But remember, this is illegal and will hurt you when exposed.

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