If you don’t need Fouad WhatsApp, you can log out of your account, but some friends don’t know how to log out of Fouad WhatsApp. In fact, you only need to open the account security option under the settings to log out.

First click on the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left corner of Fouad WhatsApp

Then click “Settings” on the left pop-up bar

Then go to the “Account and Security” option.

Then click “Delete Account”

Finally, click “OK” in the pop-up window to cancel the account.


How to scan Fouad WhatsApp QR code?

Fouad WhatsApp has a web version, but it is required to open Fouad WhatsApp and scan it. In fact, where is the scan function in Fouad WhatsApp?

Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp

Swipe to the left, you can see the scan code login web version.

Fouad WhatsApp is a social app based on big data intelligent recommendation and a new interactive mode. According to the user’s profile, location, hobbies and other information, it calculates and pushes the people around you who match you, and helps users meet new friends who have a good impression of each other.

How does Fouad WhatsApp search for users?

Enter the Fouad WhatsApp page in Fouad WhatsApp, open the search bar on the page and enter the user name or account number, select the corresponding user, and then you can search for users in Fouad WhatsApp.

Open the search bar

Click [Search Bar]

Search for user ID

Enter the user name or account in the search bar, and click [Search].

Select the appropriate user

Click on the corresponding user to search for the user on Fouad WhatsApp.

How to download Fouad WhatsApp for PC How to use Fouad WhatsApp on PC.

the version number of Fouad WhatsApp

How does Fouad WhatsApp check the version number?

1. Open your phone and click Fouad WhatsApp on the desktop.

2. Click the three lines button in the upper left corner.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click About Fouad WhatsApp.

5. This will check the version number of Fouad WhatsApp.

It is recommended to download the latest version:

YO WhatsApp Download
FMWhatsApp Download

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