Just open your browser, find the Fouad WhatsApp APK file you want to download, and click on it – you should be able to see it downloading in the top bar of your device. Once downloaded, open Downloads, tap the Fouad WhatsApp APK file and tap Yes when prompted. The app will start installing on your device Fouad WhatsApp APK file.

Fouad WhatsApp save this contact error?

Fouad WhatsApp saves the contact error and the solution is as follows:

1. When depositing into a mobile phone, make sure that the mobile phone number is in the format “(+) + (country code) + (mobile phone number)”, and one of the three parts is indispensable.

2. Open the main interface, click “Contact”, then “FAQ”, confirm and set through the relevant description.

3. In “Contacts” in “Settings”, check the box next to “Show All Contacts”.

4. Make sure to grant Fouad WhatsApp permission to read the address book.

5. The “application password protection” must be removed from the address book.

What are the features of Fouad WhatsApp?

As long as you want to install Fouad WhatsApp. GSM to send text messages, there is no charge for the time being (may be required in a year), as long as a little bit of traffic. The other party can send messages without installing it, but the other party can only see the text messages and cannot reply.

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