WhatsApp is a Google play store app, which is mainly used to send messages to friends, family and colleagues. WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular because it provides a basic communication tool. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp and launched new functions such as video calls and audio calls.

You can also update status on WhatsApp such as Facebook and snapchat. The application can be used on almost all devices, such as Android, IOS, MAC and PC. However, many functions have not been added. One of them is the ability to project WhatsApp on your smart TV.

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If you want to project WhatsApp video calls on the big screen, you can do so with Google chromecast. However, sometimes it is difficult to see everyone on the small screen of the mobile phone. So let’s discuss the steps of screen mirroring WhatsApp video calls to project onto the TV.

How to project WhatsApp video calls:

As you know, WhatsApp does not offer a built-in actor option, which Facebook does. However, thanks to chromecast, you can project WhatsApp video calls, audio calls, messages or anything you want on your TV.

I hope you won’t expect this, but screen mirroring is just an amazing and fascinating choice. Therefore, there are three ways to play WhatsApp video calls on TV, which we will discuss below:

From Android device

From IOS users

By using PC

Method #1 use chromecast WhatsApp video call of Android device:

Most Android devices have built-in actor options that help you mirror Android on your TV screen. Please follow the steps carefully provided below to mirror your screen on Android.

Connect your chromecast device and Android device to the same Wi Fi network. Otherwise, you will not be able to mirror the screen to the TV.

Use a suitable cable to connect the TV to the chromecast device. Open settings and click connection options.

Go to the connection preferences option and continue to use the projection option in the list.

The name of the chromecast device will appear on the home screen and select this chromecast device name.

Click the start now option to continue this process. The smartphone screen will appear on your TV.

After that, open WhatsApp and make a video call with the contact you want. This will appear on the big TV screen.

When you want to stop mirroring, click the projection option, and then disconnect it.

Method #2 use the chromecast WhatsApp video call of IOS:

Install the chromecast streaming app from the app store on your IOS device.

When the installation is complete, open the application and click the “OK” projection icon.

It will search for chromecast devices near you. When it is detected, click chromecast device name.

Now you will see the options for the screen mirror. Click it to start screen mirroring.

In the confirmation pop-up window, select the start broadcast icon.

Your IOS device will now appear on your TV.

Open WhatsApp and make a video call. It will appear on your TV screen.

To stop this operation, close the chromecast streaming application or click Start mirroring again.

Method #3 use the chromecast WhatsApp video call of PC:

You can follow the steps mentioned below to mirror the Google browser on your PC to your TV. First, make sure that chromecast and desktop are connected to the same network.

Open the Google Web page on your PC, and then right-click anywhere in the browser.

Select the projection option, which will search for nearby devices.

The device will detect it in a few seconds, then click the source top-down button, and then select the projection tab.

Go to the WhatsApp website and connect your account from your smartphone.

Make a WhatsApp video call, which will be displayed on your TV.

To stop screen mirroring, click on projection devices and chromecast devices, just click on Google Chrome.


There are three ways to project WhatsApp video calls on TV. By projecting WhatsApp, you can use these methods to view messages, audio calls, or other content. You can use these methods to project WhatsApp on all smart TVs, including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc.

In addition, you can enjoy the horizontal view of the video through this chrome casting, because in your phone, you must tilt to watch it better.

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