How to register gbwhatsapp in India?

  1. Pull out the Indian mobile phone data card,
  2. Reset the phone to factory settings and erase all data
  3. Turn on the phone, set the language to English, set the region to the United States, set the time to the United States time, turn off the mobile phone positioning function, and connect to wifi.
  4. Open DL25, then we need to download gbwhatsapp, we need to log in to the Apple ID, note that it must be a foreign Apple ID, we can choose to register by ourselves, or we can buy one at, then we can download gbwhatsapp, pay attention to download A little rocket!
  5. Registering gbwhatsapp requires a foreign phone number or email address. It is recommended to register an outlook email address so that you can log in to gbwhatsapp.

how to register gbwhatsapp account in india

gbwhatsapp is currently not open to users, so many people have stepped on a lot of pits when registering and logging in. Many bosses told me that they don’t know where to download. The following is a tutorial for gbwhatsapp download and account registration for everyone, you can try to register:

First of all, before starting to determine a principle, there may be many friends who have searched google for various installation packages of gbwhatsapp.

Here I do not recommend this to find the installation package, because you may have found the gbwhatsapp installation package, which has been If it is cracked or opened by other backdoor vulnerabilities, you can download the installation package on

  1. Apple mobile phone users need to purchase an overseas version of the Apple ID (can be purchased) online to get started. Then, after logging into this ID in the Appstore, they can directly search for software such as gbwhatsapp, ladders, etc.
  2. There is no need to buy anything for the user information of the Android phone. Next, the method I will introduce is to use registration (all kinds of teaching methods have been tested by us, and it is the best to pass the following 6 methods after comprehensive development).

From the following registration interface, you can see that there are currently six registration methods for “gbwhatsapp”:

  1. Register with a mobile phone number (requires a foreign mobile phone number)
  2. Email registration
  3. Facebook account registration
  4. Google account registration
  5. Instagram account registration
  6. Twitter account registration

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