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How to update my Yo WhatsApp in 2022?

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First choose the skin you like, choose from hundreds or thousands of WeChat theme skins, including cute, individual, static, dynamic and other styles, there is always the one you like. Then, we need to give it some permissions, and the App will automatically jump to the setting interface for us. You can set it again.

How to update my Yo WhatsApp in 2022?

Privacy Checker: Survey shows 85% of Android users are very concerned about Yo WhatsApp privacy

According to data from Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website, 85% of Android users are very concerned about what privacy guarantees Yo WhatsApp developers provide in the settings and how they protect users’ privacy. Kaspersky said the data was based on information voluntarily provided by Privacy Checker website users. In terms of apps, the vast majority of requests this year were related to Google security tips (22 percent), Kaspersky said.

Currently, Yo WhatsApp Android users are increasingly concerned about digital privacy. In the “Digital Privacy and Security Survey” released by the Calyx Institute in 2021, it was found that 80% of the respondents expressed concerns about digital privacy issues in the past 1 year, and 59% of the respondents were very concerned that APP developers are How to handle their personal privacy information.

Statistics from the Privateness Checker website show that Yo WhatsApp Android users are asking app developers for more privacy tips than other platforms. Both Windows and iOS had results (6%), with Mac (3%) the least.

The most viewed pages on the Privacy Checker website also confirmed the greatest popularity of Android needs, with the top five all being related to the description of this operating system.

The highest number of users (17%) are interested in Google’s mid-level privacy settings. The next three locations all recorded the same number (9%), which are the middle privacy rules for Chrome and WhatsApp, and Google’s strictest guidelines. The fifth is Facebook’s Intermediate Security Directive (7%).

For setting up services, users are generally interested in guidance from Google (22%), WhatsApp (14%), operating system privacy rules and Chrome (12% each). Instagram (11%) ranks in the top five, slightly outperforming Facebook in terms of demand numbers this year, accounting for its 10% share.

Additionally, the Privacy Checker found that users can choose from three different levels of security settings, which are strict, medium and light. The largest share of demand for all services this year is related to intermediate teaching. The Safari browser was an exception, with users more interested in the strictest privacy rules, 54% at 54%, compared with 45% in the middle.

Here are tips from Kaspersky:

1. Security solutions often feature private browsing, which helps avoid internet tracking.

2. View permissions for mobile apps and browser extensions. It’s best to avoid installing browser extensions unless you really need to. Double-check the permissions you’ve granted.

3. Public storage is not the best place to store Yo WhatsApp personal information, such as passport scans or password lists. A better option is to store it in an encrypted archive.

4. When the Yo WhatsApp update is available, it is worth noting to update the OS and apps. Many security issues can be resolved by installing an updated version of the software.

5. Try to avoid uploading detailed personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal data.

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