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How to set up automatic reply on Yo WhatsApp, can it be set separately for contacts and groups?

Yo WhatsApp itself cannot directly set automatic replies, but we can use the Yo WhatsApp CRM system to achieve high-level customer management functions, including setting automatic replies. If the user needs to send it to a group or a contact individually, he can also choose to send it to a contact or a group by himself.

If someone is typing someone else, can you see it on Yo WhatsApp?
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Let’s share with you how to operate on the PC side and the APP side. The first is the PC side:

Open the Yo WhatsApp CRM system, select [Auto Reply] in the contact information column on the right side of the conversation page, and the selection page will display a list of existing automatic reply messages and the option of [Add Auto Reply Rule].

Click [Add Auto-Reply Rule] to enter the new editing page of Auto-Reply Rule, where you can set two types of welcome words and ordinary auto-response. After the welcome message is set, when a new contact is added, the content of the automatic reply will be pushed to the contact. When there are many contacts added, there is no need to send them one by one.

If someone is typing someone else, can you see it on Yo WhatsApp?

Choose to add ordinary automatic reply. Generally speaking, set the fixed reply content according to the most common questions of Yo WhatsApp contacts, so that when the chat content sent by the user contains the keywords set in the automatic reply rule, the system will automatically push the corresponding content. The content of the reply goes out.

When setting the trigger keyword, there are two modes: precise and fuzzy. Accurate means highly matched, that is, the content sent by the user must be exactly the same as the set keyword before it is pushed. Fuzzy is when the content sent by the user has a certain correlation with the key set.

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