Although the video calling feature on GB WhatsApp is encrypted, cyber experts have warned users against opting for video calling as it can be easily monitored and abused by hackers.

GB WhatsApp (GB WhatsApp messenger) is a smartphone-to-smartphone communication application currently available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, GB WhatsApp Messenger, Symbian, and Blackberry users.

Get instant messages from friends, family and colleagues with the push notification service.

Switch from texting to using the GB WhatsApp app for free to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and video messages.

Is it safe to make video calls on GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp if I change my phone to log in?

GB WhatsApp has launched a new feature that allows users to change mobile numbers. This also means that if you change your phone number in the future, you can still keep the GB WhatsApp communication records of the previous number, etc.

Is it safe to make video calls on GB WhatsApp?

Using GB WhatsApp‘s Change Number feature will:

1. Migrate your account information (including your profile), groups and settings to your new phone number account.

2. Delete your old GB WhatsApp phone number account so your contacts won’t see your old phone number on the GB WhatsApp contact list.

3. As long as you continue to use the same phone, after you use the Change Number feature, you will be able to keep conversation records on the new phone number.

4. When you change your GB WhatsApp phone number, your contacts will not be notified of their new phone number, only group members of the groups you are a member of will see your changed phone number. Make sure your GB WhatsApp contacts have your new phone number saved in the phone book.

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