Safe, Fouad WhatsApp has an anti-ban function to protect your account security, please use it with confidence. In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have deeply linked people to each other, and the means of social interaction are constantly being renovated.

Fouad WhatsApp social networking

How does Fouad WhatsApp post personal updates?

Enter the mobile phone system, find the Fouad WhatsApp social APP and click the icon to enter

Enter the Fouad WhatsApp social APP, enter the relevant account information and click to log in now

After successfully logging in to Fouad WhatsApp social networking, go to the Fouad WhatsApp social homepage and click my in the lower right corner

Enter my find my circle, click your circle to enter

Enter the circle and click the writing symbol in the lower right corner to enter

In the pop-up window, find the release of personal news, click on the personal news to enter

Enter the personal dynamic and enter the relevant information and click the release in the upper right corner to complete

How to enable social message push on Fouad WhatsApp?

The first step, first, open the necessary app, then enter the settings page and click on the push notification

The second step is to find the social news push on the news push page, and click the switch to turn it on.

The third step is to successfully open the social message push

The widespread use of smartphones has led to more and more mobile social software. Everyone uses mobile phones to socialize to build their own circle of friends. This is actually a social application. Let’s see which of these social applications are popular and widely used.

Fouad WhatsApp might look attractive

Fouad WhatsApp can be used for chat as well as voice and video. Send files and even send locations. Fouad WhatsApp is a free app, any operator can use this free instant messenger. More importantly, it also has a PC version. Gains can be quickly disseminated by sharing information. This is why more and more people recommend Fouad WhatsApp.

The customization offered by Fouad WhatsApp might look attractive, with a lot of special features that support logging into two accounts at the same time.

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