Netizen combat – how to use Fouadwhatsapp to ask a girl

Several experiences from the recent practice of Fouadwhatsapp, how to date girls on Fouadwhatsapp.

As for the reasons for choosing Fouadwhatsapp/WeChat, according to me, there are the following points.

  1. There are few surrounding resources, and it is basically impossible to chat up a lot, so this Fouadwhatsapp/WeChat location software has become a last resort.
  2. The general targets on Fouadwhatsapp have photos, the quality is still guaranteed, and the number of high-scoring targets is large.
  3. Women who often use Fouadwhatsapp are more thirsty. Either you are single, or you are not satisfied with your current boyfriend. The kind of people who are happy and still go to Fouadwhatsapp every day, although it can’t be said that there is no one, but there should be not many.
  4. The most important part of the method of attracting men is the attraction stage. As far as I am concerned, I still have a lot of details to improve in the attraction stage, so I need a lot of high-scoring goals to practice, and the attraction stage does not necessarily require face-to-face dating. Yes, it is still available online, so Fouadwhatsapp meets this requirement.

As for the purpose of playing Fouadwhatsapp:

I use Fouadwhatsapp to practice stage A, not only talking about local, but also a lot of foreign ones.

In fact, the geographical location does not matter, the key is to practice the ability to attract girls. If you practice it on girls from other places, and then apply it to the few local resources, you can get good results.

So the goal I set for myself to practice on Fouadwhatsapp is that I can easily attract goals, and I can successfully invite a large number of goals with a score of 6.5 or more.

My Fouadwhatsapp practice process: I summarize two key points of Fouadwhatsapp practice. One is the level of language skills, and the other is that it has the value of attracting girls and shows it appropriately.

Now let’s talk about the skill level: because I just started to study Fouadwhatsapp, I also crossed the river by feeling the stones.

  1. So the opening remark of the Fouadwhatsapp I used at the beginning was: “HI, I think you are very temperamental, can I get to know you?”

I posted about 200 goals of 6~7.5 for this opening remark.

What happens in the end? I tell you. There are about 150 targets whose status is “successfully sent”. This status is that either the girl is not online, or she has not read the message. The remaining 50 targets show a status of “read” but, crucially, none of them have responded.

This opening statement was later analyzed and concluded, and it was not very good. The main reasons are as follows:

First, not showing their worth.

Second, showing a sense of need

Third, the choice is left to the woman.

Fourth, it is too common.

In short, this kind of opening remarks, it is estimated that girls received thousands of dollars. If you can show your high survival value through your photos, there is still a chance, but if you do not show high survival value, then basically There is no drama at all.

  1. My second opening remarks: “I think your wig is beautiful, where did you buy it?”

I posted about 100 of this opening line. In reality, there are about 20 girls who have read and replied to me. So there is still progress in this opening line, but I don’t like this opening line. The reasons are as follows:

First, this is not an expression of my inner coherence, because I know the hair is real, and I have to say wigs. not seem sincere

Second, although the girls have replies, many of them are a “?”, or “wig?” It is true that if you must interact, it is still possible, but for personal reasons, I don’t like this copy of the opening remarks.

  1. Later, after learning the lessons of the first two and referring to some tutorials of other people, my third opening remarks: “HI~ Hello, I will say hello when I see you nearby. Although you are not me. The type I like, but I think you are really temperamental. [Attach a smiling expression]” (push and pull + no intention + statement of interest + high standard)

This is the opening line I’m currently using.

The target response is generally: “Thank you”. When I meet someone with a better attitude, I will add “Haha, thank you” or add a smile.

If a girl replies to you, she will be more or less interested in you, because if a girl reads your profile and is not interested, she will not even reply at all.

At this point, I will give a declarative talk based on a photo of the target, or the current location of the target. And leave a declarative open-ended question to lure a second response from the girl. (This is also the experience of many failures, because at the beginning, when the girl replied thank you, I didn’t know how to reply, and it took me a long time to know what to do)

If the girl replies you with the second sentence. Then there is a drama, you must use the skills of the fan method A2 A3 stages to interact, and then invite! As for the technical details of A2 and A3, there are too many. I am also in the learning stage, and my understanding is also limited. I need to explore by myself.

But if the girl is willing to reply you with more than 2 sentences. The way you chat is basically similar to the girls you approach. If you can date a girl who is willing to talk to you, then you can basically date a girl who is willing to answer your second sentence.

Posted about 150. There are nearly 30 that have been read and replied. 6 points or more, and the interaction is good, entering the A3 stage, I sent an invitation and was willing to come out with me, there are 5. They are all from my hometown, and now I am not in that city, so there is no way to proceed after C1.

Although the number is not large, it is incomparable to the kind of god who talks about one TD one by one, but I am still very pleased to see that my efforts have paid off.

OK, now are you ready to use this opener? However, we also overlooked the most important point. If all men use this opening line in the future, will MM still talk to every man? Absolutely NO!

What are we missing? That is, all words must be based on value.

Show your worth in the space of Fouadwhatsapp. If the value of your own hardware is very low, or there is a certain hardware value, it will not be displayed. According to the different photos posted on my Fouadwhatsapp space, and personal information, the same words, the feedback received from girls is different.

Even if you use my first opening remarks “HI, I think you are quite temperamental, can I get to know you?” This opening remark is not very good, but if you are good enough and know how to show it, I am sure you will receive better feedback.

So, playing Fouadwhatsapp, my feeling is:

  1. Talking skills need to be good B
  2. Have high value and know how to display

In the beginning, I did not renovate the space of Fouadwhatsapp. Later, I read the posts of some masters about Fouadwhatsapp, and sincerely learned the skills they taught.

Currently my space is as follows:

I put 5 pictures. (Do not fill the photo, it will make you look low-key and not show off!).

The first one is a close-up of the front, the background is the NBA basketball court, and the audience is huge. (Show wonderful life and experience)

The second is a group photo with a group of friends at KTV. There are 3 males and 4 females, and the girls are all above 6 points. (Social Authentication, Wonderful Life, Pre-selection)

The third is an intimate group photo of me hugging a 6.5-point girlfriend. (Pre-selection shown in both 3rd and 4th chapters)

The fourth one is an intimate photo of me hugging another girlfriend with a score of 6.5. Friends who set high score goals, we must study the A2 stage of the method of obsessing men, lower the social rank of high score goals, and establish a correct framework for men to be higher than women. I have not been very good at high score goals, but fortunately, mistakes are found and corrected in time.

The fifth photo is a photo taken while driving a car while waiting for a red light on a highway in a heavy snowy day abroad. In the photo, you can see that the license plate number of the car in front is a foreign license plate, and the car on the opposite side is a Cadillac. A real person, can’t see what car his own car is, and the shooting position is the driver’s position. (Show a high-value life. Don’t be surprised, I’m a diaosi, this photo is not mine, it’s my friend’s)

graduated school:

What is written is: a national key high school (famous in the local area); a key undergraduate; and a foreign college (all the materials are pretending to be B, not real, I am a diaosi and have no such ability).

I won’t say what the personal signature wrote. I am not very satisfied with the personal signature of a DHV, and I am also researching.

All in all, how to make an appointment with the resources on Fouadwhatsapp, my experience:

  1. Talking skills should be practiced more
  2. Know how to decorate space
  3. Establish a good attitude: If the girl doesn’t respond, forget it, maybe she’s really not interested in us, or doesn’t go online often, just change the target quickly.
  4. Adhere to daily high-intensity practice, send messages to at least 30 new targets every day, persist for 2 months, and ensure that your speaking skills will improve by leaps and bounds.


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