NEWhatsApp APK is a name no one does not know today, and WhatsApp is such a most used social media platform. It can be said that WhatsApp has become a part of human life to some extent.

Millions of people live online on WhatsApp every hour. Beyond that, we know this very well. This new technology is being invented every day. Thanks to this technology, today we are able to enjoy the latest features of WhatsApp Facebook.

NEWhatsApp APK Download Official Oct 2022

Today we will also introduce you to Whatsapp with new and best features developed in this article. Of course, after learning about WhatsApp, you can’t stop yourself without downloading it to your phone. This pink mode WhatsApp is better than the official WhatsApp.

This application is popular for its basic functions. People showed great interest in downloading it. So why don’t you download it to your phone too? All the information given below for this application must be found till the end. and follow this article to download this application –

What is NEWhatsApp APK?

NEWhatsApp is a social media chat application. This gives Android users the best feature to talk to people from afar. This is better than the official WhatsApp. This is much simpler than the official WhatsApp. Talking about its color, there is a pink application, which is nice to see.

It is more attractive to users due to its color. The best part of this WhatsApp app is that you can add themes to SD card or store them separately. With so many features, you will definitely want to download this app on your phone, so let’s find out how to download it in your phone from the bottom.

NEWhatsApp Features:

  • Delete any erroneously sent messages every 7 minutes.
  • The final view can be closed.
  • Sharing a 2GB video hides three dots.
  • When online, you can put yourself in offline mode.
  • Hide typing state.
  • Recording status can be hidden.

How to install and download NEWhatsApp APK?

Downloading this app is as easy as the official WhatsApp, we have complete information on how to download this app on your phone, you can download and download this app on your phone.

So let us know:

  1. First, you have to download the NEWhatsApp APK by clicking on the link given below.
  2. After downloading, obtain certain permissions to install.
  3. After installation. You can easily log in with your number.
  4. If you want to backup your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chats by going to settings in WhatsApp and then to “Chats”.

So, friends, this is our post today, in which we have what is WhatsApp, what it does, and how to download it.

Going into detail, I hope you have understood the information given in this article, and if you have any problems downloading the WhatsApp app, then be sure to leave a comment. Our team will join you as soon as possible to assist you.

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