Red WhatsApp APK is a great modding app converted from the original WhatsApp by adding some new features. It is used as an instant messaging and chat application. Amazingly, you can find many unique themes that customize the interface well.

It helps you connect and communicate with people all over the world. You can exchange text messages, make audio and video calls, and create like-minded groups. The Red WhatsApp app is an unofficial third-party version. Abu Arab is the modder and developer of this app.

Red WhatsApp V20.16.15 Download Official Nov 2022

It is very popular all over the world. Now, it has 5 million active installs.

Amazingly, you can keep the official and latest Red WhatsApp app. Therefore, you can use different applications for different purposes, such as personal, business or professional. So you won’t get confused when you’re calling your closest people.

Features of Red WhatsApp:

  • Use Voice Changer for Audio Messages
  • Has a personalized theme to change the look or appearance of the app
  • Hide contact names and mute calls
  • Special notice creation
  • Create a schedule for sending messages
  • Change user account
  • Automatic reply option when you are not online
  • Create groups – invite people to join groups and make audio and video calls to hang out with friends
  • Create a profile with a profile picture and description
  • Look for more elements than the official ones, such as colors, background colors, wallpapers, themes, etc.
  • Get more instant response symbols like emoji, emoji, smile and more
  • track location
  • Share large files in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pictures, audio, video and other formats
  • Stay away from online availability to avoid unnecessary and disturbing calls and messages
  • Anti-Delete Option – If the sender deletes the message, it won’t be deleted from your end. After deleting, you can see

Red WhatsApp Highlights:

  • Find like-minded friends, make quick matches and meet truly reliable friends.
  • Colorful dynamic circles, pretty, delicious and interesting content are all here.
  • If you find someone as cool as you, you might also meet true love! Sweet and beautiful, beautiful people and stories are waiting for you here.
  • Diversified social games can provide a better experience, and users can better enjoy various conveniences brought by social interaction.
  • Enjoy the best real-name authentication operation at any time, enabling you to understand and view different information faster.
  • Many different pieces of information can be viewed more accurately online, and you can keep up with different interactive pleasures.

How to install Red WhatsApp for Android smartphone?

Create a chat or message backup – click on 3 lines > then you will get multiple options, all you have to do is click on settings, then chat settings > click on chat backup.

Second, now download the WhatsApp Red APK from this website.

Uninstall original WhatsApp MOD from your device to avoid unnecessary problems.

Click the Install button to complete the installation process.

Finally, it is ready to open and use, and communicate with friends.

WhatsApp Red app is a completely free app.

You can find all the features and functions without pulling a penny out of your pocket. You can use it anytime to communicate with friends all over the world, all you need is an available internet connection. Plus, you don’t have to worry about security and legality.

100% no problem. It does not contain any harmful elements. So you can install it and connect unlimited people around the world. WhatsApp Red APK is a very recognized mod application for communicating by exchanging instant messages. You can also make audio and video calls through the app.

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